Harbin Institute of Technology

2018 PhD Students’ Group Wedding: “Never Forget Why You Started!”

Updated: 2018/06/18

Translated by: Zhao Yuhang
Edited by: D. Parker
Date: June 14, 2018

On the morning of June 2nd, 2018, the 6th Annual “Ph.D. Students’ Group Wedding” was held in the gymnasium of the first campus. Wang Shuquan, secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, was present as a marriage witness, and issued a commemorative certificate to each of the newlywed couples.

At 8:38, 62 new newlyweds were entered on the red carpet hands in hand. With their mentors as witnesses and the blessing of their friends and relatives, the ceremony began. As a gift celebrating the 98th anniversary of our alma mater, they posed in the shape of “HIT 98”.

Ding Xuemei, HIT Vice President, offered her best wishes.  She expressed her hope that the newlyweds would experience life-long and happiness. She also encouraged them to help and support each other in the future at home and in their careers.  She suggested that they learn about forgiveness and take on their responsibilities.  She expressed her hope that they would be thankful to their parents and alma mater, and to hold their dreams.  In doing so they can repay society and HIT.

As we look at the love stories of the newlyweds, some have known each other and studied in the same schools for 20 years.  Now they will begin to build their own family. Some are scientific researchers who are working together to overcome challenges in the lab. Some are choosing to teach and remain at HIT. There are others who be separated for a while. One will stay in HIT, while their love goes abroad. One will be in the Southern Hemisphere, and their mate will be on the opposite side of the world. Their unwavering commitment to love demonstrates the character of perseverance of the HIT family.

Although these newlyweds have their own different stories and experiences, their growth trajectories in HIT are similar. They encourage each other, help each other, and rely on each other.  They jointly handle problems, temper their will, overcome  difficulties, and face the challenges in their quest for a glorious life. From their stories, we see the strength of their will and sense of responsibility which is closely connected with the welfare of our country.  They recognize their mission and role in the Chinese Dream to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

In 2009, Tang Jingyun and Su Hongbo met each other in the military training. Over the the past nine years of “love running”, they have helped each other, and overcame such challenges as language barriers and the pressures of life while studying abroad. To realize their dream of aerospace power, they returned to HIT to study for their doctoral degrees. They have devoted themselves to the realization of the Chinese Dream.

There were many similar newlyweds who will never forget why they started, never fear problems and challenges, and will pursue excellence. They are integrating their personal dreams into the vision of the great Chinese Dream to build a powerful country with strong capabilities in transportation, science and technology, manufacturing, aerospace, the internet and oceanography. With determination they will strive to contribute to our great motherland!










HIT achieved great success at the 11th National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference: the number of awards ranked first amongst the participating national universities.

HIT team won the first and second prizes in the China University Computer Tournament’s Artificial Intelligence Creative Competition

First Snow in HIT-whether it is the first sighting or a familiar reunion, everything is so beautiful!

The First China-Russia Forum on Science and Technology was held at the HIT

Vice President Organization of the University of the Arctic (UArctic), Ms Outi Snellman, visited Harbin Institute of Technology

President Zhou Yu Attended the First International Engineering Education Forum and Gave a Keynote Report

HIT joined the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" University Alliance

HIT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Marathon in Campus- “Run for happiness and health”

Specialized Committees for Polar Environment and Ecosystem, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (SCPEE-CSES) was established