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HIT received the highest honor by winning the Gold and Silver Metal of the ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster Artificial Intelligence Challege

Updated: 2018/08/06

Date: 2018-08-06
Editor: Wang Ji
Translator: An Siyuan

HIT students take the ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster Artificial Intelligence Challenge Global Champion

From May 21st to 25th, the ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster Artificial Intelligence Challenge was held in Brisbane, Australia. The I Hiter team of our school's competitive robot team won the global championship. The Robot “Critical Hit” Innovation Team of the Shenzhen Campus won the runner-up.

ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster Artificial Intelligence Challenge (ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge) is jointly sponsored by the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation and the DJI RoboMaster Organizing Committee. The robot innovation platform launched by engineers.

ICRA 2018 DJI RoboMaster Artificial Intelligence Challenge is one of the ICRA events. It is a fully intelligent robot shooting confrontation competition. The team needs to independently develop 1-2 artificial intelligence robots. The competition was carried out in a 5m*8m venue where different functional organ props were laid. The team's artificial intelligence robot automatic launch projectile was confronted with the DJI RoboMaster artificial intelligence robot, and the number of robots on the two sides and the remaining blood volume were used as the scoring standard. Defeat the official robot to win the game.

The contest attracted 69 major journals from 9 countries and regions, and finally passed the technical review and obtained qualifications for a total of 22 teams, including Johns Hopkins University, Rothsman Institute of Technology, and Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore. Universities, University of Melbourne, Australia, University of Alberta, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad. The finals are divided into 4 rounds, taking the highest score as the team's final score. After a fierce competition, the I Hiter team of our competitive robot team completed a series of challenging tasks such as robot autonomous positioning, target recognition tracking, path planning, and independent decision-making in the confrontation process, and finally won the challenge championship.

The competitive robot team I Hiter team is guided by Zhao Lijun, senior engineer of the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems, and consists of seven members: Zhong Xingguang, Huang Hao, Kong Xin, Qi Le, Tian Linrui, Lv Xiaoyang and Li Songwei. The team started designing robots in November last year, and it took seven months to produce two fully automatic artificial intelligence robots with excellent performance.

The Critical Hit Robot Innovation Team of Shenzhen Campus was coached by Professor Liu Yunhui and Professor Meng Qinghu from the “Thousand Talents Program” of the Central Organization Department. The Youth Makeup Club and the “Intelligent Robot Innovation Team” were jointly organized by 12 graduate students composed by Han Wenhua, Wang Daochuan and Wang Sunyao, etc.

The Harbin Institute of Technology Competitive Robot Team (HITCRT) was founded in 2002. Under the guidance of the Youth League Committee and the Youth League Committee of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the student organizations organized by the students of the whole school voluntarily participated in the organization, adhering to the spirit of “ Specification strict, Effort proficient”of Harbin Institute of Technology, The limit can still be broken, and the end is not limited. For the purpose, select and train students to participate in the Asia-Pacific University Robot Competition, ICRA Artificial Intelligence Technology Challenge and other events to train students' practical ability, technological innovation ability and cultivate practical spirit. Since its establishment 16 years ago, the Harbin Institute of Technology's competitive robot team has won 4 international championships and more than 10 national awards.




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