Harbin Institute of Technology

Welcome the new arrivals at HIT, they are feeling at home!

Updated: 2018/09/03

Translated by: Zhao Yuhang
Date: 2018-8-17

Time flies, and the new autumn (the season when the new semester will start) is coming. New students from all corners have arrived at HIT, and in order to provide them with a good start, the staff and volunteers have made an elaborate prepare. They made a good impression on the new students and their parents with sincere attitude and good services. There were staff serving for them at every place that might have problems such as the train station or airport, the main building, the dormitories, the canteen, and so on. Now, let’s enjoy these beautiful moments in the new autumn.

The warmest waiting

At 5:30 in the morning, the staff and volunteers waiting at Harbin Train Station and the HaXi Train Station have been on the job. They have been serving here until 9:30 in the evening. Trains from all over the country arrived in Harbin one after another in the current two days. When the new students and parents who have went on a long journey set their feet on this strange city, the friendly staff and volunteers will be their support. The staff and volunteers led batches of freshmen to the special school buses, and carefully reminded each student to take care of important stuff.


Moreover, there are senior students who know the school environment and course system well on each welcoming bus for answering the questions from the new students and their parents.


Welcoming from picking up

The kindest service

Register is the first step for each new student to enter the campus. At the entrance of the “Sunshine Hall”, teachers and students from each institute are well prepared. The new students felt kind by the efficient and integrated admission procedures, and the patient explains of the welcoming staff. Carefully, you would surely find that “Quyongcuomu Studio” and “New Dream Studio” have provided special services for the minority students whose hometown are far away.



The volunteers organized by the Student Union, the School Youth Association, the 201 Forum, and the Student Union of the Basic School not only explained the admission process for the new students, but also solved the problems in the process. They also provided the new students with simulated tests for English class grouping, wet wipes, bread, and water.


Q&A for the new students by volunteers.

In the campus, both the convenient and kind information desk, and the volunteers with red hats who solved problems for the new students shows the determination and efforts of HIT to provide the new students with good learning and living environment. 



The most beautiful memory

There were different answers for each institute to leave a souvenir of admission on the first day university for the new students.

The School of Telecommunications and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering took pictures for each freshman on their first day in university, and when they graduate, the students will receive both the photos of their first day at school, and their last day at school. The school of YingCai presented a commemorative notebook and a classic book for each freshman to encourage them to write every page of their lives by effort. The School of Economics and Management distributed the school commemorative T-shirts for each freshman to enhance the sense of group honor of the students. The School of Humanities launched the 2022 Mailbox, which the freshmen wrote a postcard and would receive four years later. The school of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering also customized the school-specific mobile phone case for the new students.



Photo wall of Wechat Moments and 2022 Mailbox



Commemorative phone case and postcard


Commemorative T-shirt

In these details, it shown the eagerly expectation and deeply blessing from HIT and each faculties to freshmen. Here, we hope that every student can come here with a smile, and after graduation, they can leave HIT a memorable souvenir with their glory and pride.



Signature Wall of Freshmen

The personalized detail

“Never be afraid of the troubles, HIT will be your home!” The power of this slogan not only reflected in the fact that HIT would never allow any student to drop out of school due to family difficulties, but also in the fact that details in living and studying of each student are well cared by HIT.


Love Gift Bag

Here, you will see the smile on the students’ face who find their lost stuff back with the help of the senior students. You will see the campus security protect the property of the students in the hot weather with perspiration down like raindrops. These details are always happening in the green channel, lovingly bed on the floor, free hot drinks, and resting station.



Nutrient breakfast for freshmen

Moreover, we also held a welcoming consultation for freshmen’s parents to enhance the understanding of their kids' learning and living environment, and make each parent feel free to let their kids study and live here.


Consultation for freshmen

The sincerity of HIT was shown in each detail, and are you well prepared to be a freshman here? Show you power in HIT, which is a stage of dream!


Accuracy & Proficiency

Here, you can not only learn about the most forefront knowledge and technology, but also build a much stronger and better self. “Accuracy & Proficiency” The stage of HIT is big enough, if you can be down-to-earth, you will get a chance and platform to be successful here. At the beginning of your life, we hope you will never forget why you started, and move forward unyieldingly. Go for it, each freshman at 2018 grade in HIT!


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