Harbin Institute of Technology

Welcoming the new arrivals at HIT: they are feeling at home!

Updated: 2018/09/03

Translated by: Zhao Yuhang
Date: 2018-8-17

Time flies, and the new fall semester has come. New students from all corners have arrived at HIT, and in order to provide them with a good start, the staff and volunteers have made elaborate preparations to welcome them. The volunteers’ sincere attitude and willingness to serve made a good impression on the new students and their parents. From the train station to the main building, from the dormitory to the canteen, there was staff ready to serve the new students at every place where they might encounter problems. Now, let’s enjoy these beautiful moments from the new semester.

The Warmest Waiting

At 5:30 in the morning, staff and volunteers had already arrived to wait at Harbin Train Station and HaXi Train Station. They stayed at their posts all day, serving there until 9:30 in the evening. For two days, trains from all over the country arrived in Harbin one after another. When the new students and parents set foot in this strange city after such a long journey, the friendly staff and volunteers were there to support them. The staff and volunteers led groups of freshmen to the special school buses, and carefully reminded each student to take care of their important belongings.


Moreover, on each welcoming bus, the school had arranged for a senior student who was familiar with the school environment and course system to answer questions from the new students and their parents.


Welcoming new students at pick up

The Kindest Service

Registration is the first step for each new student to enter campus. At the entrance of the sunny hall, teachers and students from each institute were well prepared. The new students felt welcomed through the smooth admission procedures and the patient explanation of the welcoming staff. In addition, you could find that the “Quyongcuomu Studio” and the “New Dream Studio” provided special services for minority students who were far away from home.



Volunteers organized by the Student Union, the School Youth Association, the 201 Forum, and the Student Union of the Basic School not only explained the admission process to the new students, but also helped solve problems that arose. In addition, they provided the new students with simulated tests for English class grouping, wet wipes, bread, and water.


Volunteers answering new students’ questions

On campus, both the kind information desk and the volunteers with red hats who solved problems for the new students showed the determination of HIT to provide new students with a good learning and living environment. 



The Most Beautiful Memory

What’s the best way to commemorate entrance into university for new freshmen? Each college had its own answer.

The School of Telecommunications and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering took pictures for each freshman on their first day at university, and when they graduate, the students will receive both the photos of their first day at school and their last day at school. The YingCai School presented a commemorative notebook and a classic book for each freshman, in order to encourage them to write every page of their lives by their hard work. The School of Economics and Management distributed commemorative school T-shirts for each freshman to enhance the sense of group honor amongst the students. The School of Humanities launched the 2022 Mailbox, in which the freshmen put a postcard that they wrote and would receive four years later. The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering also customized a school-specific mobile phone case for the new students.



Photo wall of Wechat Moments and 2022 Mailbox



Commemorative phone case and postcard


Commemorative T-shirt

These details show HIT’s eager expectation and deep blessing towards the new freshmen. We hope that every student can come here with a smile, and after graduation, they can leave HIT with glory and pride as their memorable souvenirs.



Signature Wall of Freshmen

The Personalized Detail

 “Never be afraid of troubles, HIT will be your home!” The power of this slogan is not only reflected in the fact that HIT would never allow any student to drop out of school due to family difficulties, but also in HIT’s thorough care for the details of each student’s life and study.


Gift Bags

Here, you will see the smile on students’ faces who find their lost belongings with the help of senior students. You will also see campus security protecting students’ property in the hot weather, while perspiration runs down like raindrops. You can see these details not only here, but also in the walkways, makeshift beds, free hot drinks, and resting station.



Nutritious breakfast for freshmen

Moreover, we also held a welcome consultation for the freshmen’s parents, to enhance their understanding of their children’s learning and living environment, and to make each parent feel at ease about letting their kids study and live here.


Consultation for freshmen

The sincerity of HIT was shown in each detail. We hope each new student is now well prepared to be a freshman here. Show you power in HIT—it’s a stage for your dreams!


Accuracy & Proficiency

Here, you can not only learn about the most cutting-edge knowledge and technology, but you can also build a stronger and better self. “When the standards are high, the efforts are excellent.” The stage of HIT is big enough. If you can be down-to-earth, you will get the chance to be successful here. At this new beginning, we hope you will never forget why you started, and move forward unyieldingly. Go for it, HIT freshman class of 2018!


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