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President of National Taiwan Normal University Cheng-Chih Wu and his entourage visit HIT

Updated: 2018/09/10

Written by: Yuan Siyang
Translated by: Shen Xiao
Date: 2018-7-27

HIT news (Yuan Siyang / character, Yan Mingxing / picture) On July 23, Vice President of HIT Xu Dianguo met with the President of National Taiwan Normal University Cheng-Chih Wu and his entourage in Executive Room 333.

Xu Dianguo welcomed Cheng-Chih Wu and his entourage to HIT and briefed them on the basic situation of HIT's discipline construction, scientific research cooperation and exchanges with Taiwan in recent years. He looked forward to working hand in hand with National Taiwan Normal University to strengthen cooperation and exchange, and deepen the understanding and friendship between teachers and students across the Taiwan Strait by means of student exchange programs, camp programs for winter and summer, cooperation between teachers and researchers, and the holding of academic conferences. He hoped to learn from each other and make progress together. Xu Dianguo sincerely invited National Taiwan Normal University to participate in the 2020 century anniversary of HIT.

Cheng-Chih Wu thanked HIT for its warm reception. He said the visit was fruitful and, given the good foundation of cooperation between the two schools, will continue to carry out a full range of in-depth cooperation in the future.

During the meeting, the heads of relevant departments of the two schools also held in-depth exchanges and discussions on education and teaching, student affairs, etc.

In the HIT, Cheng-Chih Wu and his entourage visited the HIT museum and participated in the opening ceremony of the Fourth "Joining the ice city to make the lilac blossom" between the two sides of the strait and the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan student teaching-support activities.

Li Dezhen, principal of Shunmai Primary School in Democratic Township, Daowai District, Harbin, met and exchanged views with the responsible persons of the undergraduates' College, the Ministry of Learning and work, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan offices, and the International studies school etc.

The 2018 Hoping Download 9th Confucius Foot Program was initiated by National Taiwan Normal University by volunteer teams of college students using their holidays to carry out voluntary teaching in rural areas. HIT has participated in this activity for 4 consecutive years, sending more than 50 students, and inviting teachers and students of National Taiwan Normal University to come to HIT's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Social practice Education Base-Shun Mai Primary School of Democratic Township, Daowai District, Harbin.



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