Harbin Institute of Technology

Academicians and Experts from Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Pay a Visit to Our School

Updated: 2018/09/17

Written by: Mei Wenzhang
Photographed by: Yan Mingxing
Translated by: Xu Hao
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: July 20, 2018

On July 17, Vice President Xu Dianguo met with academicians and experts from the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in the administrative building.

Xu Dianguo welcomed the delegation and introduced the development of the school and the latest progress in personnel training, scientific research, and international cooperation in recent years. Xu Dianguo emphasized that the school greatly values cooperation with Ukraine, including the close exchange between experts and the frequent contact between both sides. Thanks to the joint efforts of both parties, the China-Ukraine Science and Technology Forum has been successfully held three times. The Harbin Institute of Technology-Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Joint Innovation Center has also been unveiled, serving as an open platform for academic and technical talent exchange, as well as scientific and technological cooperation. It is hoped that through increasingly deepening cooperation, the two sides will further promote the joint training of students and the academic exchange of teachers in the fields of food biotechnology, genomics and genetics, new materials, and aerospace.

Bloom, director of the Institute of Food Biotechnology and genomics academician of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, introduced the development of the academy in recent years and spoke highly of the fruitful achievements of the two sides in terms of personnel training and scientific research cooperation. He said that the academy has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with HIT, and that the two sides have great potential for further cooperation. It is hoped that, relying on the resources of superior disciplines, the two schools will continue to innovate cooperation models and jointly promote talent exchange and scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

Relevant officials from the Science and Technology Institute, the International Cooperation Department, the Space Academy, and the School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry attended the meeting.



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