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279 doctors earned a degree, raising new sails in life

Updated: 2018/09/17

Edited by: William Mosteller
Translated by: An Siyuan
Date: September 3rd, 2018

HIT News (Liu Zhongkui / Text Li Jiaqi /Images) "Fighting with the heroic dreams, return is still HIT member." On the morning of July 12, the doctoral award ceremony was held at the event center. The principal, Zhou Yu, gave Ph.D. with sentimental messages, and took a group photo.

Dr. Zhou Yu addresses doctoral graduate: “In this passionate day, you have experienced thousands of days and nights of unremitting efforts, proved yourself with profound knowledge accumulation and outstanding scientific research achievements, and won the honor of studying for a career. I am deeply proud of you. Today, you are full of vigor and vitality. I hope that everyone will be at the new starting point of life, not forgetting the initial heart, remembering the mission, and rallying the power of traveling again."

Zhou Yu put forward four expectations for doctoral graduates:

First, power comes from lofty beliefs. "Confidence in life for two hundred years, it will be three thousand miles of water." The power of faith can be subtly integrated into people's words and deeds, let us work hard, pursue, and go forward. As a social elite in the new era, your faith should be a profound feeling of home and country, with deep love and lofty beliefs about the country and the nation. In the hardships of studying for a doctoral degree, you have mastered a solid knowledge principle, and have cultivated perseverance and perseverance. The firm belief will let you go to all parts of the motherland, take root in various fields, and use actions to interpret responsibility and responsibility. The road ahead is rugged or rugged, but your hard work and hard work determine the future of the country. Therefore, you must bear in mind the responsibility, use wisdom and sweat to become a raging flame, and cast a beautiful tomorrow for the Chinese nation. You will also be in the flame of the furnace. tempered into a steel.

Second, power comes from the courage of innovation. "Innovation is the soul of a nation and an inexhaustible motive force for a country's prosperity." Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The new era calls for innovation, advocating innovation, and advocating innovation. I hope that everyone will continue to cultivate innovative consciousness and develop innovative thinking. To improve the ability to innovate and temper the quality of innovation, we must lead the new era, shoulder the new mission, and tie the destiny of the individual with the development and progress of the motherland. At the same time, we must be soberly aware that innovation is by no means a smooth road. It is like climbing a peak. It needs to rely on a strong will and keep on persisting to reach the culmination of glory.

The third is that power comes from extraordinary wisdom. Opportunities and challenges coexist in today's era, resisting the impetuous environment and the temptation of the forests and forests, we need to have an extraordinary wisdom, which lies in the mind, in the cultivation, and in the pattern of life. The alma mater gives you not only a certificate of proof of academic achievement, but also a spirit, a culture, and a school motto of "Specifications strict, Effort proficient". It is the unremitting efforts of the HIT from generation to generation, constantly understanding, and constantly summing up. Concentrating and sublimating the spirit of Harbin Institute of Technology, I hope that you will use your life to adhere to the wisdom of the inheritance of countless Harbin workers, always pursue a more perfect self, inclusive of self, others and social imperfections, uphold a persistent and calm, keep a copy Sincere feelings, pursuing an elegant interest, realizing self in the spiritual journey of ignoring utilitarianism, and using the motherland's rivers and mountains, social affairs, and world pattern in the chest to enlighten one's extraordinary wisdom and achieve new heights in life.

The fourth is that power comes from the deep feelings of hardship. Time can't erase everyone's deep feelings about the school, and the distance can't cut off the students' deep concern about their alma mater. Mother school, teacher and student, classmates, life. At the milestone of school development, the alma mater will remember the contributions made by the students at the school, and will also engrave the brilliant achievements that everyone has achieved in their respective positions. Starting today, you become a member of the "friend circle" of your alma mater. You are the pride of your alma mater, the representative of the alma mater and the incarnation of the alma mater. The reputation of Harbin Institute of Technology depends on you to carry forward, and the responsibility of Harbin Institute of Technology depends on you.

Zhou Yu finally said: "There is a lot of disappointment at the time of the farewell, but the picture of life has already begun in front of everyone. With a one-way ticket, you will travel far; when you come back, your hand will be the returning home ticket. Instead of the return ticket at the time of departure, no matter how far the future is, and cherish it, please remember that the alma mater is always here, and I sincerely hope that you will be cautious, open, and dreamy. Your home, welcome everyone to go home and see."

Vice President Ding Xuemei read out the "Decision of the Degree Committee of Harbin Institute of Technology on Granting a Doctoral Degree". After the 166th meeting of the Academic Degrees Committee of our school, a total of 279 people received Ph.D., 23 of them received Ph.D. degrees, 239 received a doctorate in engineering, 16 received a doctorate in management, and 1 received a doctorate in law.

Professor Gao Huijun, a doctoral tutor, puts forward some hopes for the Ph.D. graduates: to respect the self-cultivation, to be grateful, to be grateful, to do what they can, to repay the society, to give back to others, to be a good person to the society. Require the true effort, work hard, adhere to the "HIT specifications", practice "HIT Effort", and strive to pursue dreams and dreams in the new era of new journey; to be high-minded, patriotic and inspirational, and strive to integrate ideals and beliefs into the country In the cause of the nation, the answer to the era of the HIT was written with passion and ideals, struggle and dedication.

Tian Yushi, a representative of the doctoral graduate and the Environmental College, expressed his gratitude to the school, the tutor, and the classmates. He said with emotion: "Every graduation is a new expedition. In the cold window, everyone gets the highest degree. But the highest does not mean the end, but means to start again according to the highest standards. He hopes that on the road of building a dream, he must adhere to his original heart, keep his mission in mind, actively adapt to the trend of the times, meet the needs of the country and society, and interpret his loyalty and effectiveness to the motherland with his excellent achievements.

Assistant Principal Cao Xibin, Liu Hong, member of the school degree committee, responsible person of the relevant college, doctoral tutor participated in the degree awarding ceremony.







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