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Special Job Fair for Aerospace Science and Technology: A Bridge for Graduates to Achieve Their Space Dream

Updated: 2018/09/25

Written by: Feng Xiaoen
Translated by: Wu Han
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: September 24, 2018

HIT News (text/ Feng Xiaoen, photo/Huang Cong). In September, with a cool autumn breeze blowing, another busy "recruitment season" began. On September 7th, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group held a job fair in the gymnasium of our university with over 130 employers, attracting thousands of recent graduates. Assistant to the President Peng Yuankui went to the site to communicate with employers and recommend graduates.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Group is mainly engaged in the research, design, production, testing, and launching services of rockets, satellites, manned spacecrafts, cargo spacecrafts, deep space probes, and space stations. Standing in front of the booth of each recruiting unit, the graduates were full of energy and enthusiasm as they handed out their resumes. At the same time, the head of each recruiting unit carefully and patiently selected outstanding talented individuals who aspire to engage in the aerospace industry. The job fair presented a lively and bustling scene.

What kind of graduates can better meet the demands of the aerospace industry? In the recruitment requirements of each aerospace unit, it is mentioned that, firstly, candidates are required to have a solid professional basis and be good at combining professional theories with scientific practices, preferably having practical experience in aerospace projects. Secondly, candidates should have good professional qualities, such as a spirit of pursuing scientific truth, a good spirit of teamwork, and boldness to make unprecedented progress and breakthroughs. Thirdly, candidates must have a strong learning ability, good physical quality, and strong will.

Through the interview, the reporter learned that the graduates attending this job fair generally had clear understandings of their preferred positions, and those who were blindly submitting resumes were relatively few. For finding a job that fits their professional abilities and interests, most of the graduates submitted their resume carefully and introduced their professional abilities to the person in charge. At the job fair, a master’s student from the School of Astronautics replied to the question of why he chose to commit to the aerospace industry by saying, “The aerospace industry fits my professional background, and is also the industry I am interested in. It also gives me a sense of fulfillment when I am able to apply what I have learned and make contributions to our country.”


Assistant principal Peng Yuankui communicates with employers. 






Job fair


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