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Held, the opening ceremony of graduate students

Updated: 2018/09/25

Translated by: Zhao Yuhang
   Edited by: William Mosteller
   Date: 2018-9-2

HIT News (Liu Zhongkui /text, Huang Cong, Deng Dekuan/picture), on the morning of September 1, the 2018 graduate student opening ceremony was held at the gymnasium. Gloriously, 4,486 postgraduate students and 1,184 doctoral students have been a member of HIT. Since then, they have started the dream journey –Accuracy & Proficiency. Wang Shuquan, the secretary of Party Committee of HIT has attended, and Zhou Yu, the president has given a speech to all the new blood.

In the speech, Zhou Yu said: “although you are from all corners of the country, with different experiences, you have chosen HIT with dream to be excellent. In the coming years, you will achieve three “leaps”: one is the leap of theoretical knowledge from little to rich, one is the leap of professional competence from insufficient to sufficient, and the other one is the leap of life from campus to real world. For you, the most important part is to be innovative and pioneering, so that you can be the key to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and to realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. You are the future of ‘Created in China’”.

Zhou Yu hopes the freshmen can make three improvements: at first, develop innovative vision with the mind of being tolerant to diversity. The achievements of human civilization are created in the integration of knowledge and the exchange of technology, thus we can take the advantage of the situation by drawing on others successful experience. It is also necessary to learn widely from others’ strong points in the process of striving. Stand on the new history period, it can be found that, the global scientific and technological innovation is blooming, and the reconstruction of the domain of global innovation is accelerated by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, only by positive adjustment and active integration can we stand on the forefront of the period. The students are expected to continuously expand their international vision, and to absorb the essence of multiculturalism, thereby their ability of teamwork can be enhanced. Also, they are supposed to adhere the unity of theoretical study and scientific research, and the integration of independent innovation and open innovation to realize the combination of science and education, the integration of research and study. In this way, the new ideas, new knowledge, and new technology can be created on the basis of digest. Second, explore the source of innovation by the courage of spanning space and time. We have gained great treasure house of thoughts by the splendid culture of the Chinese nation for five thousand years, which is also the valuable historical source for us to realize the “Chinese Dream”-the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. For a member of HIT, we should not only be conversant with things past in the Five Thousand Years History of Chinese nation and present, but also make progress from the nearly a century history of HIT. Let’s innovate with our school motto of “Accuracy & Proficiency”. Third, develop the innovation dimension in the thought of integration. It has proved from the history of the celebrities that science and art play a significant role in cultivating a wholesome personality, bringing up a talent, and realizing major academic innovations. The integration of scientific literacy with humanistic literacy, and artistic literacy, respectively are supposed to be equally highly regarded. The freshmen are expected to improve their scientific literacy and humanistic literacy consciously, and to cultivate a wholesome personality, to inspire their thought, and to expend their academic space through the integration of science and humanity so that their life state can be improved.

Zhou Yu said: “In this great new era, your youthfulness is even more precious. You are standing at a new stage of life, and you are expected to know the true meaning of knowledge in innovative learning, to experience the fun of exploration in innovative research, and to achieve self-transcendence in innovative practice. Meanwhile, you are supposed to exercise for a healthy body, to improve your taste and civilization through various cultural activities, and to experience the true meaning of life in concern and love, and mutual assistance. Your effort will make HIT more wonderful.”

The school leaders, Ren Nanqi, Ding Xuemei, Cai Jujin, Guo Bin, An Shi, and Xu Dianguo, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and the minster of Propaganda Wu Songquan, and Assistant Principal Peng Yuankui have attended the ceremony. Ding Xuemei presided over the ceremony, and Ren Nanqi declared the “The Determination of HIT on Rewarding 2018 Excellent Exam-free students”. 341 excellent exam-free students were awarded special scholarship, and the representatives were awarded honorary certificates from the school leaders. 

The representative of master tutor, and professor Fan Feng from the School of Civil Engineering have encouraged the new students that: “it is necessary to keep the spirit of patriotic and striving, and to integrate the emotion of loving and serving country into the great cause of the reform and development of our motherland, and the great struggle for creating history. They should start from a specific thing, and learn true knowledge with a solid foundation, thus they can go further and deeper in the way of academic. Moreover, they need to attach importance to the spirit of science and humanity so that they can persist in the unity of learning and learning to be a good person.

Li Yunzhou, the 2018 new student representative from the School of Mechanical Engineering, who founded Harbin Xuanzhi Technology Limited Company, and participated the World Fighting Robot Competition on the behalf of our school and got good results said that he would look far ahead and aim high, and come down to earth in the school life. He would make unremitting efforts for the common goal of “creating a world-class centenary school with Chinese characteristics and HIT standard”, and devote himself for the development of HIT, China, and even the whole world.

The heads of the colleges have expressed their ardent expectations and good wishes for the 2018 graduate students. All the students made a solemn vow, and sang “The Song of HIT” together. The heads of relevant departments have attended the ceremony.






The speech of Zhou Yu, the principal of HIT


Ren Nanqi, the vice-principal of HIT declared the determination of award


Ding Xuemei, the vice-principal of HIT presided over the ceremony




Professor Fan Feng, the representative of master tutor from the School of Civil Engineering gave a speech


Li Yunzhou, the 2018 new student representative from the School of Mechanical Engineering gave a speech




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