Harbin Institute of Technology

The Team of HIT Won the First Place in the 9th College Students' Physics Academic Competition

Updated: 2018/10/08

Written by:Yan Mingxing
Translated by: Guo Yanhui
Edited by:William Mosteller

The 9th China’s College Students' Physics Academic Competition was held recently at Shanxi University. The team of HIT again won the first prize and the special prize and Liu Siqi won the best individual award.

64 teams from 63 universities across the country participated in the competition. The team of HIT consists of six students including Wei Chenxi, Li Zongling, Liu Yuyan, Wang Yizhen, Liu Siqi and Tang Yuzhu.

In order to select outstanding students to participate in the China’s College Students' Physics Academic Competition, the Physics Department of the School of Science and Technology of HIT held the Physics Academic Competition of HIT for 7 consecutive years. Each year, the students of HIT were organized to conduct in-depth theoretical research and fine experimental research on 17 open research topics. We select and organize the team of HIT to take part in China’s College Students' Physics Academic Competition. From 2014 to 2018, HIT has constantly won the special prize and won the first place in 2014, 2015 and 2017. In 2018, HIT won the championship again.

The College Students' Physics Academic Competition (CUPT) is a national event organized by learning the model of International Youth Physicist Championships (IYPT). It aims to improve the ability of college students to analyze practical problems by using the knowledge and to cultivate the open mind of college students.


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