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Specialized Committees for Polar Environment and Ecosystem, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (SCPEE-CSES) was established

Updated: 2018/10/31

On October 20th, 2018, Founding Conference and Ceremony of Specialized Committee for Polar Environment and Ecosystem, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (SCPEE-CSES) was convened in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin, China. Nominated by the Chairman of SCPEE-CSES , Academician REN Nanqi, and approved by the Conference, LI Yifan, the Chief Scientist of International Joint Research Center for Arctic Environment and Ecosystem (IJRC-AEE), was appointed as Executive Vice Chairman, Academician TAO Shu, Professor of Peking University, and Lars-Otto Reiersen, the Former Executive Secretary of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) , as Vice Chairmen, and XING Defeng, the Deputy Dean of School of Environment, HIT, as Secretary-General of SCPEE-CSES.

The SCPEE-CSES is the first branch under the CSES in which there are a number of foreign experts have jointed as standing members. So far, there are 10 foreign experts from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Canada, the United States, Germany, South Korea, and India, who have expressed their interests in joining the SCPEE-CSES.

The mission of the SCPEE-CSES is to promote, coordinate and advance research in Polar environment and ecosystem through global, regional, multilateral and bilateral cooperation. To promote is to foster and strengthen connections among universities and institutes in China and with the worldwide polar research community. To coordinate is to provide a strong platform for greater coordination and integration for scientific cooperation in Polar research. To advance is to identify and support strategic priority areas in Polar research.

During the International Symposium for Polar Environment and Ecosystem following the Founding Ceremony, more than 80 experts and scholars worldwide to review the history and progress of the work led by AMAP, shared and exchanged their new founding on monitoring, transport, and transformation of pollutants in polar regions, and discussed the challenges due to climate change.


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