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Marathon in Campus- “Run for happiness and health”

Updated: 2018/11/05

Written by: Peng Hao, Wang Yuxi
Translated by: Zhao Yuhang
Edited by: William Mosteller

HIT News (Official Wechat Team, Peng Hao, Wang Yuxi / Text; Deng Dekuan, Huang Cong, Shang Mingrui, Cai Bibo, Ru Weina, Jing Yixiang, Huang Hansong / Picture) On the afternoon of October 20th, the campus marathon started at the school stadium. More than 2,000 teachers, students, faculty members and their family members, and alumni ran to enliven their youth, shed their own sweat, feel the beauty of campus, and enjoy the happiness of sports. Peng Yuankui, Assistant to the President, fired the pistol for the competition.

With the gunshot, the runners surged to the front like torrents of water.

In the most difficult 10km race, Zhu Xiaolong, a junior from the College of Humanities and Law, overcame all the difficulties and opponents in the way to be the first to cross the finish line. As a student with sports talent, he said happily: “participating in the competition is not only to realize the dream of becoming a champion, but also to call for more teachers and students to actively participate in sports to cultivate good habit of exercising.”

After he finished, other teachers and students crossed the finish line one after another. They received a beautifully crafted commemorative medal and a certificate with the results of the competition. Li Huili, an outgoing doctoral student from the College of Civil Engineering, said: "the important thing in the marathon is to persevere and surpass yourself. Crossing the finish line through your own efforts is a way to affirm yourself. I will participate in the next marathon." Zhao Jian, a teacher in the Sports Department, finished the full distance easily. He said: “physical exercise should be a universal sport that all faculty and students should actively participate in. We should build the concept of ‘exercising for one hour every day so that we can work healthily for fifty years, and live a happy life for the whole lifetime.’ To implement the claim proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping that ‘Developing sports to improve people’s health is the fundamental principle and mission of China’s sports work’ and the spirit of the National Education Conference, we build good sports habits to strengthen our body, improve our health, and promote our comprehensive development.”

According to reports, HIT organized this competition in order to implement the spirit of the college sports work conferences of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Ministry of Education, further strengthen the important role of sports work in personnel training, jointly promote the comprehensive development of college students' moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education, strive to promote the in-depth development of the “Sunshine Sports Project”, promote the program for student health, stimulate college students to desire to participate in physical exercise, promote them to form good physical exercise habits and healthy life and learning styles, help them improve their physical quality and promote the healthy development of body and mind, and create a harmonious and progressive campus culture environment. The competition was divided into the experience group and the competition group. The experience group was divided into the individual team and the double team. The competition group was divided into the “5 km” team and “10 km” team. The race route started from the school stadium and passed through Xiaowai Street, Siling Street, Fayuan Street, Xuezi Road, Xiaoyuan Street, and then back to the stadium. Both the top three finishers of the competition and all runners who could complete the competition within 50 minutes were able to receive medals and certificates.





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