Harbin Institute of Technology

HIT Team Won the First Prize of the National Undergraduate Structural Design Competition

Updated: 2018/12/03

Written by: Xiao ke
Photographed by: Wen Tumu
Translated by: Xu Hao
Edited by: William Mosteller

A group of 2016 undergraduates of the School of Civil Engineering represented HIT in the 12th National College Student Structure Design Competition Finals, held November 8th to 11th. The work submitted by the “Quintessence of Civil Engineering” team, which was composed of Fu Yangyu, Yuan HaoZhen, and Peng Xinshuai, won the first prize of this competition. This is the first time that our school team won the first prize in this competition for three consecutive years.

The National Undergraduate Structural Design Competition is one of nine national university competitions jointly funded for the first time by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. It aims to build a platform for engineering education practice in colleges and universities, and further cultivate students' innovative consciousness, teamwork, and engineering practical ability, thus effectively improving the quality of innovative talent training. The title of the competition was “Design and Production of a Large-span Spatial Structure Model that Withstands Multiple Load Conditions.” A total of 108 teams from 107 universities across the country entered the finals. After fierce competition in design, model making, loading test, and model quality, the work “Let Nature Take its Course”, which was directed by Professor Shao Yongsong and Professor Zhao Yading of the School of Civil Engineering, stood out from many entries and won the first prize of the competition.


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