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Our School Attended the APSCO 10th Anniversary High-Level Forum and Signed the Cooperation Agreement

Updated: 2018/12/25

Written by: Bai Yang, San Men
Translated by: Wu Han

HIT news (Bai Yang, San Men text/photo) Recently, the opening ceremony of the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization was solemnly held in Beijing. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization. Our school president Zhou Yu, and vice-president Ren Nanqi were invited to attend, and president Zhouyu signed the cooperation agreement with Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization on behalf of our university. Miao Wei, Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Kejian, vice minister and head of China National Space Administration, and representatives from other Asia-Pacific member countries witnessed the signing ceremony.

Cooperation agreement mainly relates to degree education programs of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, which aims for training masters, doctors and other high-level talents for related member countries of Asia-Pacific Organization.

The forum closely followed the theme of "Space Cooperation for Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind", and discussed issues such as promoting free and equal access of developing countries to space technology and spatial data application, and promoting capacity building in developing countries through space cooperation and talent cultivation. Development Vision of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization in 2030 was issued.

At the APSCO 10th anniversary high-level forum, vice-president Ren Nanqi delivered a report entitled by "Practice and Prospect of Engineering-based Education" on behalf of the school, focusing on the international development of HIT, characteristics and practices of space-based engineering education.

During the conference, Zhou Yu and Ren Nanqi held talks with delegation members at the invitation of Chinbat Baatarjav, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and Chairman of the Mongolian Communications and Information Technology Administration. The two sides discussed how to better carry out talent training and international cooperation under the framework of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization. Zhou Yu also accepted an interview with the reporter of Outlook News Weekly and introduced the training of talents in our school.

The main purpose of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization is to provide a cooperative mechanism for countries, especially developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and to support and promote their peaceful use of outer space in order to promote national economic and social development. Through pooling and sharing of human, financial and technological resources in space science, space technology and their applications, Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization can effectively promote multilateral cooperation and contribute to the capacity-building of member countries.

More than 100 participants from Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization member countries, foreign ministers, head of China National Space Administration, diplomatic envoys in China and representatives from international organizations, institutions of higher learning, research institutes, trade associations and enterprises participated in the forum.


Signing the agreement.


Zhou Yuyi and his delegation met Chinbat Baatarjav, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization and Chairman of the Mongolian Communications and Information Technology Administration.


Ren Nanqi made the report.


Group photo of the event.



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