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Principal Zhou Yu Attended The 9th Joint Conference of the University Alliance of Excellence and the Sino-British University Engineering Education and Research Alliance for Principals

Updated: 2019/01/02

Written by: Chen Rui
Translated by: Zhou Dongyi

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Chen Rui Text / Picture) On November 23, in order to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, The 9th Joint Conference and Sino-British University Engineering Education and Research Alliance Forum for Principals was held at Southeast University. The presidents and representatives from the University Alliance of Excellence (E9) and The Russell Group attended the forum. President Zhou Yu attended the forum and made a report.

Zhou Yu's theme of the report is "International Exchange and Cooperation to Help the Construction of World-Class Universities", and he introduced the school-running characteristics and profound heritage. He pointed out that international exchanges and cooperation are a comprehensive and systematic work of the school. They must be integrated with the overall development of the school and the tasks of the various departments of the school. HIT has always adhered to the principle of “wide interaction, mutual interaction, mutual assistance, mutual benefit”, and strives to effectively integrate foreign high-quality educational resources into the whole process of teaching and research. Also, HIT promotes school personnel training, scientific research, and teachers through international exchanges and cooperation. Team building, administrative management and services have been upgraded. At present, HIT has established cooperation projects and cooperation platforms with many well-known foreign universities, and has close academic exchanges and cooperation with British universities. HIT has also carried out bilateral double-degree joint training projects. Hopefully, through alliance cooperation, we will expand the in-depth cooperation and exchanges between China and the UK in engineering education, especially to increase the interaction between scholars and students of the two countries.

At the subsequent joint meeting of principals, our school, as the rotating university chairman of the University Alliance for Excellence in 2018, represented the Alliance for the 2017-2018 work summary. Principal Zhou Yu focused on “the fundamental tasks of educating people, jointly exploring and constructing a new pattern of three-round education”, “respecting the requirements of the two-class”, exerting the role of the alliance think tank, and promoting the connotative development of higher education. In the pursuit of excellence, cooperation, sharing, integration, mutual benefit and win-win situation, the university has comprehensively summarized the talents of the universities in terms of personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage innovation, international exchange and cooperation that have been achieved in the past year.

During the meeting, President Zhou Yu was invited to hold talks with Tim Bradshaw, CEO of Russell University Group and Ian Greer, President of Queen's University of Belfast. The two sides reached preliminary intentions in the cooperation between the British "Engineering Innovation and Leadership Institute" and "Chinese University Engineering Education Research Institute", artificial intelligence field and new medical field, on both personnel training, Chinese culture and innovation courses, faculty and staff. Also, the two sides have achieved consensus on inter-school exchanges, bilateral academic forums and seminars, based on the current joint training mode of undergraduate and postgraduate students such as 2+2, 3+2, 3+1+1, 4+1, etc.

Relevant personnel from the school office, undergraduate college, academic office, and international cooperation department attended the meeting.

It is reported that the Sino-British University Engineering Education and Research Alliance was established in May 2017 and sponsored by Southeast University and Queen's University of Belfast, UK. It consists of the University Alliance of Excellence and six UK universities from the Russell Group, including Chinese universities, such as Southeast University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, South China University of Technology, Tianjin University and Tongji University as well as British universities that include Queen's University of Belfast, University of Birmingham, Cardiff University, University College London, the University of Nottingham and Warwick University. It is the first university alliance between China and the UK to feature engineering education and research. Since its establishment, it has carried out in-depth cooperation and fruitful achievements in personnel training, teacher exchanges, scientific research, and cultural exchanges. Especially in December last year, the joint declaration formally established by the alliance was incorporated into the Sino-British high-level exchange mechanism, which was highly recognized and strongly supported by the Chinese and British governments. In September 2018, Cambridge University, Leeds University, and Liverpool University also signed up to join, and British universities of the Union have expanded to nine.


Zhou Yu attended the China-UK University Engineering Education and Research Alliance Forum for Principals.(封面)


Zhou Yu attended The 9th Joint Conference of the University Alliance of Excellence.



Zhou Yu reports on the theme of "International Exchange and Cooperation to Help the Construction of World-Class Universities".


Zhou Yu Talked with the CEO of Russell Group.


Zhou Yu Talked with the President of Queen's University of Belfast.



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