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Winter Games was Held in the HIT Brings the Campus Happy Times

Updated: 2019/01/07

Translated by An Siyuan

HIT News (Liu Zhongkui / Text Liu Zhongkui, Lan Rui, Cai Bibo, Jing Yixiang, Ding Dawei, Huang Cong, Han Guanghui, Liu Yuanyuan / Images) At 8:30 on December 16th, the school skating rink was full of people, and the crowds were surging, by the school union, the sports department, and the school league committee. The co-sponsored second ice and snow fun games were held here. The colorful skating relay races, ice sledge relay races and other colorful competitions took turns, so that the competition scene quickly warmed up, the youthful passion and laughter of the teachers and students, and wrote a Sports Edition "Winter Rhyme" of the HIT.

“Da! Da! Da!” Under the violent impact of the ice skates and the ice, the countless pieces of ice that splashed danced happily on the ice rink. The speed skating relay players quickly swing their arms, slick and force like a string of arrows. Ice hockey dribble shots test the accuracy of the shots of teachers and students. The contestants passed the previous dribble. When they approached the goal, they quickly slammed the racket and hit the ice hockey. The ice hockey entered the goal like a bullet running at high speed. The players couldn't help but cheer "Yeah!" The ice sledge relay race was also on the scene, listening to laughter. The players chased each other, and some of the players did not control the direction and slipped to the runway of others, causing the audience to burst into laughter. At the first snow competition, the players were the first to participate, and they were very excited. A whistle sounded, the players picked up the "snowball" (sandbag) and continued to attack. With the intensive throwing, the two players quickly evaded and searched for "bunkers" (first base, second base) to avoid the attack, not long after, many The players were hit in the end, and the players on the field made all the stops to hit the opponent. In the game, rarely hit a draw, most of the time the team flag was pulled out by the other side to end the game. Even if the game lost, the players were happy to say hello and shook hands and said goodbye.

“Come on! Come on!” Although the weather was cold, the cheers of the cheerleaders were so high that every scene was filled with audiences. They waved flags and shouted loudly, adding a lot of fun to the game. Many people also pick up their mobile phones, record the exciting moments of the game, send a circle of friends, and share the joy of snow and ice and the beautiful ice and snow campus with their loved ones.

"Very interesting!" "Very happy!" "Ice and snow sports are very exciting!" "This is my first time playing snow globe, especially like the midfielder's strong swing shot!" "I represent the college to participate in the snow flying carpet." 'The game, although very tired, but it is very worthwhile, not only can exercise, but also can appreciate the beauty of ice and snow, strengthen the exchange between the teachers." Teachers and students are full of enthusiasm for the snow and ice, but also hope that they can Go out and enjoy the infinite variety of snow and ice.

In order to further infer the instinct of president Xi Jinping, "Ice and Snow is also Gold and Silver", "Drive 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", "Help students to enjoy fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve their personality, and temper their will" The fitness and sports activities were carried out in depth to improve the physical quality of our teachers and students, to build the most beautiful campus in winter, to temper the will of the students, to encourage the teachers and students to advocate the ice and snow sports, and the school held the second ice and snow fun games. The theme of this year's Games is “Ice and Snow Building. Happy Winter”, teachers and students in the 500 meters speed skating competition, curling approval, ice picking, snow ring racing and other 13 events, struggle to surpass, harvest health, share happiness.




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