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Professor Leng Jinsong was Elected as the Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science

Updated: 2019/01/07

Written by: Aerospace Institute
Translated by: Wu Han

HIT news (Text/ Aerospace Institute) Currently, American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world-known academic organization, published the list of the 416 chosen fellows of AAAS in the year of 2018 on Science Issue 6418. Professor Leng Jinsong of our school was elected as the fellow of AAAS in 2018 for his distinguished contributions to the field of smart composites and structures, particularly for his contributions to the development and engineering applications of novel shape memory polymers. It is known that Professor Leng Jinsong is one of the two candidates in the mainland, and also the only “foreign” scholar selected in the Engineering Division.

Established in 1848, AAAS is the largest science and engineering association in the world with the purpose of advancing science and serving for the society. It is divided into 24 professional branches, which relate to all fields in natural science and social science. With over 120,000 members in 91 countries, AAAS serves for more than 10,000,000 scientists and is the sponsor and publisher of Science. “Fellow” is the highest honor awarded by the association to its members, and its selection procedure is strict. Since 1874, AAAS has selected outstanding scientists from various fields on the basis of academic influence and scientific contribution, and awarded the life-long “Fellow of AAAS” honor to recognize their outstanding scientific or social achievements in the progress of scientific application.



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