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CHENG Zhiming, the vice-governor of Heilongjiang province, and his entourage attended a meeting on scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of achievements in HIT

Updated: 2019/04/15

Written by: ZHANG Yan
Translated by: YANG Yue
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 4-5

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Zhang Yan/Text Lanrui/Picture) After CHENG Zhiming, the vice-governor of Heilongjiang province and a member of the Party group, and his entourage came to HIT on March 8 for an investigation and a field visit of the commercialization of research findings and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, they came all the way here again on March 22 for further discussion on the progress in this field. XING Aiguo, the deputy secretary general of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government, WANG Shuquan, the secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, HAN Jiecai, the executive vice president, and CAO Xibin, the vice president, attended the forum.

CHENG Zhiming pointed out that HIT is not only a well-known school nationwide, but also the pride and representation of Heilongjiang. It has made outstanding contributions to both national and local economic and social development, and has become an important engine for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Heilongjiang’s industries. Focusing on the strategy of strengthening the province through science and technology, the provincial committee and government carried out the Three-year Action Plan for the Construction of Key Industrial Projects in the Province and the “Hundred-Thousand-Million” project. They created promising opportunities and conditions for the core innovative resources represented by Harbin Institute of Technology to cooperate with industries, capital, and markets, and speed up the formation of a long-term mechanism for the transformation of achievements of co-creation, co-integration, and co-existence between the university and the local areas. He hoped that HIT could continue to play a good role in demonstrating and leading the whole province and to actively promote in-depth practical cooperation between the two sides. Focusing on the strategy of innovation-driven development and in-depth development of civil-military integration, we will actively explore and boldly practice promoting the transformation and industrialization of all-factor achievements in key areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, new materials, new energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing and foster new driving forces to inject new vitality into the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang.

WANG Shuquan pointed out that during the course of running the university for nearly 100 years, Harbin Institute of Technology has always adhered to the orientation of running the university based on aerospace, serving national defense, and facing the main battlefield of the national economy. It has always been rooted in and served the Longjiang River, and has taken serving the needs of the state and regional economic and social development as its own responsibility. At present, the Provincial Party Committee and Government are gathering and leading the vast number of cadres and masses to rally their hearts and minds, in order to push forward the crucial period of all-round revitalization of Heilongjiang. As a “double first-class” university, HIT will, as always, play a good role as the “first source of technological innovation in Heilongjiang”. We will take concrete actions to implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by President Xi at the Forum on Further Promoting the Revitalization of Northeast China and the important directive on inspecting Heilongjiang Province. We will implement the relevant requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Government on innovation-driven development and strengthening the province with science and technology. We will continue to strengthen original innovation, improve key core technology research, constantly explore the long-term mechanism of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, further deepen cooperation between universities and local areas, and provide strong support for the innovation and development of Heilongjiang.

LI Haoyan, the deputy director of the Civil-Military Integration Office of the Provincial CPC Committee, ZHANG Changbin, the director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, SHI Zhaohui, the deputy director-general of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, LIANG Xiangli, the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, WANG Jutang, the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, LI Ming-huan, member of the Party group of the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, LI Yaqiang, the deputy secretary-general of Harbin Municipal Government, LI Zhijie, the director of Harbin Science and Technology Bureau, LI Jinkui, the deputy director of Harbin Industrial Information Bureau; FU Qiang, the president of Heilongjiang Institute of Industry Research, the president of HIT Institute of Science and Technology and the director of investment institutions such as Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group, along with directors of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Robotics Group, Aerospace College, School of Life Sciences and relevant units of HIT attended the forum.


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