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Our University carried out activities commemorating World Water Day and China Water Week both Inside and Outside the University

Updated: 2019/04/15

Written by: Liu Zhongkui, Ji Xing
Translated by: Yang Yijing
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 3-28

Harbin Institute of Technology Newspaper (The School of Environment, text/photograph) This year, March 22nd was the date for the 27th World Water Day, and the China Water Week was held from March 22nd to March 28th. The United Nations decided that the theme of the 2019 World Water Day would be "Leaving no one behind", while China's theme for World Water Day and China Water Week is "Adhering to water conservation priorities and strengthening water resources management". In order to implement the relevant requirements of the state on water-saving action, to help fight for water-saving, and to create a stronger water-saving atmosphere in the whole society, as the first China Water Week after the National Conference on Eco-environmental Protection, teachers and students of our university carried out a series of activities both inside and outside the university.

On March 27, Ren Nanqi, academician and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended an expert assessment seminar on the implementation of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. After that, he went to the Shenzhen Campus, bringing a special report on "Theory and Practice of Urban Water Circulation System 4.0" to faculty and students. In the report, he reviewed the development process of urban water circulation and gave a systematic lecture on the proposal of sponge city construction and treatment of black and odorous water. Through sharing the digital case of sponge city construction, in the current resolute fight against pollution, we must build a beautiful China according to the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping: Bring blue skies, white clouds, shining stars, clean water and green banks, rivers with fish, singing birds, and fragrant flowers back to people.

On March 22, Professor Feng Yujie, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund and the executive vice-president of the Environmental College, visited the "Clear Water Forum" and brought a special report for the 2018 undergraduates entitled "Meeting Environmental Challenges and Building a Beautiful China Together". He comprehensively introduced the main challenges faced by the current ecological environment. He also showed some measures taken to fight for the protection of the blue sky, clear water, and pure land, and the outstanding contributions made by the people of Harbin Institute of Technology in the ecological environment field, especially in the water industry. He encouraged the students to strengthen their confidence, strive to learn professional knowledge, and devote themselves to the great cause of ecological civilization construction in China in the future.

In order to give full play to the role of a national water-saving education base in primary and secondary schools and strengthen the awareness of water-saving among students in primary and secondary schools, the Youth League Committee of the Environmental College also organized a series of activities. The volunteers set up a sand table model of "Sponge City", made the case introduction of "Sponge City" and exhibited it in the Main Hall of the main building on the second campus, which attracted the teachers and students to stop and watch. The National Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment held an open day, inviting primary and secondary school students from Harbin to the laboratory to experience scientific experiments, operate equipment, enjoy scientific fun, and realize the charm of science and technology. The volunteers also came into the classroom of Jiangong Primary School, introduced the current situation of water resources and common knowledge of water saving in China face-to-face, and together with students made a handwritten newspaper about water saving and water protection, which was exhibited in the campus.


Academician Ren Nanqi is delivering a speech


Professor Feng Yujie is giving a lecture



Primary and secondary school students enter the State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment



Volunteers walked into Jiangong Primary School to promote water saving


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