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HIT delegations have achieved a great success in the 2019 National Model United Nations - New York Conference

Updated: 2019/04/22

Written by: CAI Zhen
Translated by: YU Shuangshuang
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 4-4

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference held in New York is one of the world's largest interscholastic model conferences, sponsored by the National Collegiate Conference Association and guided by the United Nations Department of Public Information. The conference model topics include the settlement of the current hot world issues related to regional conflicts, peacekeeping, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment. The 2019 NMUN-NY conference was held in New York in the United States, from March 23 to March 28, attracting 193 delegations from around the world.

Our delegation stood out among more than 200 countries and won the Honorable Mention Delegation Award for the first time.


Honorable Mention Delegation Award

Selected by the organizing committee of the NMUN-NY conference, our delegation represented Latvia at the conference to discuss issues such as peacekeeping, climate change, judicial justice, and environmental protection. Our university sent a delegation of eight students to the United States to attend this conference. During the five consecutive days of intensive meetings, all delegation members kept our school motto – “Stringency and Proficiency” - in mind. They actively spoke to other delegations in the sub-committees and clarified the stand of Latvia on relevant issues. They put forward constructive proposals, which promoted the meeting process. They exchanged their views with representatives of various countries inside and outside the conference hall. They not only talked and debated with each other, but also co-wrote documents so as to seek win-win cooperation, which won unanimous praise and high recognition from the organizing committee and representatives of various countries.

Our delegation consists of eight students: LI Yuxin, a junior from the School of Management; LIU Ao-bo, a junior from the Honors School of HIT; NIU Ze, a junior from the School of Foreign Languages; ZHOU Shen, a sophomore from the School of Science; CHEN Xiangyu and NI Wenhui, sophomores from the School of Management; ZHENG Yusuo a sophomore from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; and FU Runxin, a sophomore from the School of Architecture. These eight students participated in the C-34 (Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations), COP (Conference of the Parties), UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) respectively. They debated and negotiated with representatives from more than 10 countries on relevant issues and jointly completed the writing of the United Nations Resolution. These results will be presented to the official United Nations and will serve as an important reference for future United Nations policymaking.

Our student ZHOU Shen spoke as an outstanding representative in the Golden Hall of the United Nations Headquarters.


ZHOU Shen, an outstanding representative of our university, is speaking at the United Nations Headquarters

Through this conference, our delegation members have accumulated valuable experience in communicating with the conference delegates and organizing committee, which will lay a solid foundation for our students to participate in the internships of international organizations in the future. As an international brand project for students, the NMUN-NY conference has provided a platform for our outstanding students to show their talent, enhance their leadership, exchange their views, and achieve further development. We believe that more and more HIT students will make wonderful appearances on the international stage, and the world will see more of the elegant demeanor of Chinese youth and hear more Chinese voices, Chinese opinions, and Chinese solutions in the new era.


LIU Aobo and LI Yuxin, representatives of our university, are discussing with representatives of other countries at the meeting


Our representatives are in the golden hall of the United Nations Headquarters



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