Harbin Institute of Technology

CCTV Approaching Science Reports on the Palm Print Recognition Technology of Harbin Institute of Technology

Updated: 2019/05/27

Written by: YANG Jiayyu, YUE Hao, WANG Qing
Translated by: YANG Yue
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 5-22

Palm print, common but mysterious. Palm print recognition technology is the only biological recognition technology started in our country. The two major problems that puzzled researchers at the beginning were whether palm print recognition is unique and stable. Researchers of HIT, after several years of hammering away, succeeded in developing the palm print recognition system.

Biological recognition technology, including face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and even voiceprint recognition, is no stranger to anyone. It can be used in airport security, cell phone unlocking, or shopping. But now we're talking about a biological recognition method——palm print recognition—that is the only method proposed by the Chinese.

As for the palm print, many people might think of palmistry. As a matter of fact, the original thought of palm print recognition was derived from roadside palmistry. Scientists differ from us in that we either scoff or feel that palm reading is mysterious. However, when HIT professors saw this, they suddenly got inspired. Since there is so much information on palm prints, could they be used for biological recognition?



After developing the palm print recognition system, researchers immediately tested it on a class punched-card machine. It really worked. But shortly afterwards, a new problem arose - mobile phone photos could also be recognized by the machine...


To deal with the problem, the anti-counterfeit technology needed to be developed. Therefore, they first learned to counterfeit. They began to learn how to make artificial hands and palm print membranes with all kinds of materials. The entire lab was filled with artificial hands. Fifteen of the most common materials had been tested in total. They studied the characteristics, color, glossiness, and texture of these hands. Finally, a new system came out, with which all the fake hands or palm print membranes could be identified.




But are these the only materials in the world with which artificial hands can be made? Of course not! After repeated deliberation, the living body verification became feasible. What are characteristics only possessed by a living person? Blood vessels. Veins must be the first choice, because they are extremely easy to identify, but hard to falsify. The identification combining palm print and palm veins can be foolproof.


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