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Lilac • Memory | Let’s enjoy the first HIT lilac cultural festival!

Updated: 2019/06/03

Written by:SUN Hongyang
Translated by:JI Shujie
Edited by:William Mosteller
Date: 5-20


Which HIT alum does not have a memory of lilacs? May in Harbin is the season of lilacs. Roaming the campus and looking up, you can enjoy white clouds decorating the blue sky and clusters of purple and white lilac. On May 18th, the School of Astronautics, together with alumni work office and library, held the first lilac cultural carnival on the pedestrian street of the first campus.


The lilac carnival boasts diverse games with rich connotation, which not only make participants relaxed and happy, but also convey excellent traditional culture and the spirit of aerospace. Unfortunately, shortly after the start of the activities, it began to rain, but participants were still excited. Both the artistic experience of traditional and northeast culture and the knowledge contest showing the academic spirit of HIT attracted crowds of curious people.

Lilacs are like a dream. Calligraphy is loaded with happiness.

Writing brushes, paper, and inkstones were provided for teachers and students to show their capabilities in calligraphy. How intoxicating it was to appreciate calligraphy with the sweet fragrance of lilacs.


The battle is to the strong—playing chess

Not to be outdone, students who played chess were also excited. Even the heavy rain could not stop the players' desire for victory. Who were lucky enough to win those lovely succulents? 


Pressed lilac bookmarks touching our heart

How do you make a beautiful pressed lilac bookmark with delicate fragrance? Firstly, put the dried lilac in your preferred position on the selected cardboard. Then, stick the tape onto it and scrape it a few times with a carbon pen. Thirdly, stick the tape and the cardboard just like applying your cell phone’s screen protector and scrape the air between the tape and the cardboard out. At last, cut the extra tape off of the cardboard with scissors.


Guqin and lilac were in harmony

Members in the Qinghui Guqin club were so ingenious that all people at their booth learned how to make hairpins from them. The hairpins people made by themselves were memorable. Makers could take it back for themselves or give it to a friend.


The lilac boasts fragrance and the ink bears ancient rhythm

Blow painting with straws is a form of painting. Just as the name implies, blow painting is done by blowing ink or pigment around on paper with your mouth, rather than a brush. Lines can be drawn by blowing the ink pellet with straws. Blow painting is very easy to learn and full of fun.


The culture and charm north of the Great Wall

Can you guess what these dialect and proverbs mean when they are so rare that even the young people born in the northeast do not know?  Isn't it a pity to come to the Northeast but not learn the local culture? 


Lilac expresses feelings—dyeing white silk in this blossom season

Students who came to this table could write anything they wanted to say but haven’t had a chance to say it on paper. Then, they could fold the paper into a paper lilac and leave it on the table. What beautiful scenery!


Blossoming lilac, beautiful sweet-scented Osmanthus—knowledge contest

Have you ever imagined the stars or wondered about the endless mysteries of the vast universe? The aerospace technology of HIT has always been the forerunner in China. As an HIT person, how much do you know about aerospace? Come here to participate in the knowledge contest! Winners were awarded exquisite space souvenirs.


Deep feelings in Dragon Boat Festival—drawing pictures on eggs

As Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the library, together with the League Committee of the School of Aeronautics, launched an egg painting activity. Eggs and dyes were prepared for teachers and students who wanted to try a new experience. They could enjoy the fun of painting on eggs.


Lilac complex, a better future—writing postcards

Organizers also prepared lilac-themed postcards. Students who got postcards wrote down words they may want to say to themselves in the future. When you return to HIT many years later and come back to the Lilac Festival again, can you find the postcards you wrote and remember who you were at that time?


The memory of lilac—calling for excellent works

After you have enjoyed these activities in the lilac cultural carnival, are you still longing for more? To celebrate the 99th anniversary of HIT, organizers took “Lilac · Memory” as the theme and solicited writings and photographs from all faculty, students, and alumni. Dear HITers, please click on the following notice link and show us your excellent works!

Click on the link to submit your works



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