Harbin Institute of Technology

Our School Team Won the Championship of the 10th China Trajectory Optimization Competition

Updated: 2019/06/24

Written by: School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology
Translated by: Huang Shihui
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 5-15

Recently, the 10th China Trajectory Optimization Competition (CTOC), sponsored by the Chinese Mechanical Society, came to an end. Zhang Haiyang, Hu Yabo, Fan Zichen, Lv Jie, Ma Huidong and Yu Ze designed the orbit for Jupiter's internal magnetic field and scientific exploration mission. After 40 days of fierce competition, they won the first prize among 62 teams from 53 research groups. The team was guided by Zhang Gang and Huo Mingying, teachers of the School of Astronautics of our university.

It is reported that CTOC is designed to encourage communication and mutual learning, provide theoretical and new conceptual support for space mission design, carry out early exploration for future engineering practice, and promote the development of China's space orbit design technology. The flight trajectory designed by the representative team of our university finally obtained the highest integral value of this competition by utilizing Ganymede's gravity-assisted orbit transfer to save fuel, and Jupiter's regressive orbit characteristics to design and optimize orbit parameters and observation phases.



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