Harbin Institute of Technology

65 Doctoral Couples Held A Collective Wedding at Harbin Institute of Technology

Updated: 2019/07/08

Written by: Liu Zhongkui
Translated by: Huang Shihui
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 5-21

“Dream-chasing peers create a world-class chapter, hand-in-hand playing the prelude to an excellent school of a hundred years.” The 7th doctoral students’ collective wedding was held in the campus gymnasium of HIT on May 18th. Wang Shuquan, secretary of the party committee of the university, married the new couples and presented them with commemorative medals.

At 8:58, in the beautiful atmosphere of the university, 65 couples holding hands and walking along a red carpet entered the palace of marriage with the blessings of their relatives and friends and under the witness of their supervisors. The couples formed the words "HIT 99" to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the university and show their everlasting love for the school.

In his speech, An Shi, deputy secretary of the HIT party committee and vice president, wished the new couples happy and sweet marriages, starting a new journey of romance and hard working with true love, so as to be courageous leaders in the era and become the precious assets of the times.

Professor Yu Daren, the representative of the doctoral supervisors, together with his wife Professor Yu Guang, wished the newlyweds the best of luck in the future and everlasting love with a Chinese poem “Guan Ju”.

The love experiences of the new couples are each unique, but they are all touching and warm. Some of the new couples have known each other for many years; some work together in a laboratory to overcome scientific difficulties; some develop love over long distance; some are in different posts—work and study; some are in different places—the alma mater and foreign countries. However, as the Chinese saying goes, “If love between both sides can last for an age, why do they need to stay together night and day?”

After meeting at HIT, they determined to spend their future lives together. Harbin Institute of Technology is a fertile ground for the growth of the new couples, as it has witnessed not only the footprints of their growth, but also the sacred moment of them stepping into the marriage palace. In the future, they say they will remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind. They promised to combine pure romantic love and patriotism to fight for the common goals, integrate their individual family and career development into the grand blueprint of Harbin Institute of Technology for “meeting a hundred years to create a first-class university”, strive for the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, meet the expectations of the country and the people, release their dreams of youth, and write a splendid chapter in life in the great practice of building a powerful socialist modernized country in a comprehensive way.

Wu Songquan, member of the Standing Committee of the HIT Party Committee and director of the Propaganda Department of Harbin Institute of Technology, Peng Yuankui, assistant to the president, responsible persons of the relevant departments of the school, the supervisors of the new couples, and the deputy secretaries of the CPC Committee of each school of HIT participated in the activities.




The scene



HIT party committee secretary Wang Shuquan presented the new couples with commemorative medals.  


Wang Shuquan greeted the new couples


HIT party committee deputy secretary and vice president An Shi delivered an address


Professor Yu Daren, the representative of the doctoral supervisors, together with his wife Professor Yu Guang sent their best wishes












We're married!


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