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Vice President Ren Nanqi led a delegation to attend the “One Belt One Road” Education Seminar in Central and Eastern European Countries

Updated: 2019/07/08

Written by: Li Xiaohong
Translated by: Wang Yumeng
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 6-05

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Li Xiaohong Text/photograph) In order to further deepen international cooperation and exchanges between our university, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and universities in Central and Eastern European countries, Vice President Ren Nanqi and his delegation went to Romania, Greece and other countries to participate in “One Belt One Road” Education Seminar with the Ministry of Education.

On May 17, the delegation participated in the 7th China-Central and Eastern European Countries Education Policy Dialogue held in Romania, and held extensive dialogues with delegates on three themes: how to promote teaching through university cooperation, how to strengthen language teaching cooperation and how to develop high-quality vocational education. Jiang Yu, Chinese Ambassador to Romania, attended the dialogue.

On May 18, the delegation participated in the Sixth Meeting of the China-Central and Eastern European Union of Universities, which is organized by the China Education Association for International Exchanges and held at the West University of Timisoar, Romania. More than 150 delegates from nearly 100 universities in China and Central and Eastern European countries exchanged views on some issues, such as promoting learning and teaching, school-enterprise cooperation, educational science and technology and University cooperation, and strengthening the construction of the China-Central and Eastern European Universities Federation.

On May 23, the delegation went to Greece to participate in the first China-Greece Higher Education Forum jointly sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchanges and the University of Athens. More than 70 university leaders and representatives from 40 Chinese universities gathered with the presidents of 15 Greek universities to express their views and seek cooperation in the field of higher education between China and Greece. Ren Nanqi delivered a keynote speech on behalf of the Chinese side, and the topic was: "Practice and Prospect of Engineering Education--Taking Harbin Institute of Technology as an Example". This forum is divided into four sections: education informationization, education and innovation, language and culture teaching and student mobility. Fu Qiang, Dean of the Institute of Science and Industrial Technology of HIT, served as chairman of the "Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship" section. He exchanged views with the participants on the conditions and prospects of educational innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific research cooperation and other aspects in Chinese universities and universities in Central and Eastern Europe. The forum is the largest and highest-level educational exchange event since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece. It has established a new starting point for implementing the consensus reached by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of CPC Central Committee and Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of Greece, to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and further strengthen cooperation.

During the visit, in order to effectively implement the cooperation between HIT and universities in Central and Eastern Europe, Ren Nanqi and his delegation also exchanged views with Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Ambassador to Greece. Zhang Qiyue expressed the hope that Harbin Institute of Technology would play a greater role in personnel training and scientific research cooperation between China and Greece. Then, the delegation met separately with Presidents of Technical University of Crete and National Technical University of Athens, focusing on publicizing the latest achievements in the development and construction of the university, international cooperation and exchanges, and in-depth exchanges with colleges and universities on specific cooperation contents, such as teacher-student exchanges, joint personnel training, scientific research cooperation and innovation, which laid the foundation for potential cooperation in related disciplines.

Heads of the School of International Study and the International Project Management Center participated in the above activities.



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