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The School Yard Mini Marathon: I Run to My Dream

Updated: 2019/07/22

Written by: GU Yatian, SHANG Yankai
Translated by: LIU Danyang
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 6-04

Harbin Institute of Technology News (GU Yatian, SHANG Yankai/text SHANG Mingrui, YU Wenbo, LIU Yuanyuan,  DENG Dekuan, RU Guo, LI Jian, HUANG Cong, HAN Guanghui, CAI Bibo JI Xing/photo) On the morning of June 2, the third school yard mini-marathon with the theme of "Youth · Peer" was held. AN Shi, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the university, PENG Yuankui, assistant to the president, and responsible persons of relevant departments and colleges of the university shared the fun of running with nearly 2,000 teachers students, alumni and family members.

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal of launching a nationwide fitness campaign since 2017, HIT has been holding a mini-marathon around the school yard for all teachers, students, alumni, and family members, covering a distance of about 7 km, which has been well received and appreciated. The marathon is co-sponsored by the school trade union, the Ministry of Science and Industry/Youth League Committee, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Research and Industry. The Youth League Committee and the student union of the School of Materials are responsible for organizing the marathon, and the Security Department and the school hospital sponsored the marathon. This year's marathon is the largest in history, with the oldest runner being 63 years old and many children taking part.

At about 9:50 in the morning, the 7.12-kilometer school yard mini marathon officially started with a loud gunshot. Runners of Harbin Institute of Technology gathered in a golden sea. Starting from Electric Building Square, they ran by the school motto stone, pedestrian street, stadium, and through Science Park in the warm wind. No matter male or female, regardless of age, the runners firmly and happily following the flying school flag. Where the contestants passed, ,where came cheers and smiles.

In the end, CAO Zhiyong, a contestant from the university's long-distance team and an undergraduate from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Law, was the first to cross the finish line. According to the event, the top 1, 200 runners win a special medal in the mini-marathon.






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