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Thematic Flag Raising Ceremony to Commemorate the 99th Anniversary of HIT and Starting the Countdown of the Centennial Establishment of HIT

Updated: 2019/09/02

Written by: Liu Peixiang
Translated by: Li Zebing
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 6-7

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Liu Peixiang/Text Wen Xinran/Photo) At 6:30 a.m. on June 6, HIT held a thematic flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the school, while starting the countdown to the centennial of the school. Through video link, the three branch campuses of HIT jointly held a flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the establishment of HIT, jointly launched a series of activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of HIT, reviewed the almost century-long, glorious history of HIT, and looked forward to the bright prospects for the next century. Wang Shuquan, secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, Zhou Yu, president of HIT, Qin Yukun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Yidong, alumni representative, and Qiu Shi, student representative, jointly launched the countdown to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the university. Han Jiecai, deputy president of HIT, presided over the event. 

After the flag-raising ceremony, the global transfer activities of the school flag officially launched. Wang Shuquan presented the flag to Ma Renyuan, vice president of Harbin Alumni Association, and Cao Liang, secretary general of Harbin Alumni Association. It is understood that in order to jointly greet the historic moment of the school's 100-year history, the Alumni Office, in conjunction with more than 160 alumni associations around the world, organized the Harbin Institute of Technology's global flag transfer activities. Starting from June 6, the school flag will be passed from Harbin to other places at home and abroad, and local alumni associations will organize colorful cultural activities and record videos to commemorate the centennial of the school. After the video is uploaded to the specified program, the coordinates of the alumni association at home and abroad will be illuminated on a map. Alumni will dedicate their Alma Mater's centennial birthday in this special and affectionate way. 

At the flag-raising ceremony, Academician Qin Yukun, the winner of the "National Teachers' Morality Model", recalled the history of our school from the past 99 years. He said, "the founding of the People’s Republic of China has opened a new page in the history of the Chinese nation and opened a new historical period for the development and construction of Harbin Institute of Technology. From the founding of New China to the reform and opening up, and then to our centenary goals, the patriotism and the dream of power of the Chinese people have forged the glory of today's China. Over the past 70 years, Harbin Institute of Technology has cultivated a large number of outstanding talented individuals, made a vast amount of innovative achievements, and made important contributions to the country's economic and social development. We should uphold the feelings and responsibilities of the "Eight Hundred Heroes" of Harbin Institute of Technology. We should remain true to its original aspiration and keep its mission firmly in mind, foster more innovative talented individuals, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of the 100-year strong school dream: "Chinese characteristics, world-class, Harbin Institute of Technology specifications", as well as the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."

In his speech, Zhou Yu represented the school to leaders at all levels and from all walks of life who had long supported the development of the school and who wished to express their heartfelt thanks and extend cordial greetings and good wishes to the teachers, students, staff, and alumni of the three branch campuses of HIT at home and abroad, and pay high tribute to the veteran leaders, veteran comrades, and the new and old "Eight Hundred Heroes" of Harbin Institute of Technology who have made important contributions to the construction of the school. He said: This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Looking back at the past, we have always made history and contributed brilliant achievements in the same direction as the country's development. The history of Harbin Institute of Technology’s development in the past 100 years is a history of "racing for the examination", which has caused HIT to earn the unwavering trust of the party and the people as we delivered excellent answers time and time again. This history of "racing for the examination" has actively adapted to the trend of history and the times—changing and upgrading again and again—and has actively met the needs of the country and society and made outstanding contributions time and again. Whether it was during the 1950s to shoulder the historical responsibility of realizing socialist industrialization, or the 1960s to realize a major turning point from the people to the army; whether the reputation of "Architectural Eight Schools" was on the rise, or the perfect fusion of the same roots in 2000; whether it is based on aerospace, serving national defense, facing the main battlefield of the national economy, or starting the ambition of the "Double First-Class" university project… HIT always bears in mind its responsibilities, works together, and explores scientific problems. Looking at the situation today, we have taken the initiative to uphold the responsibility of making contributions to the mission of strengthening the country. HIT has created one after another "China firsts" and "the first time in the world" in the achievements book of patriotic struggle and contribution, and the accumulated fruits have fully demonstrated the scientific spirit and feelings of HIT. All teachers and students in the three campuses of our university should keep in mind the mission of strengthening the country, adhere to the fundamental principle of educating people, keep a clear mind at all times, keep the passion of fighting at all times, maintain the courageous state at all times, and build up the confidence of Harbin Institute of Technology. Facing the future, we will certainly write the "Harbin Institute of Technology Answers" for the new era in the course of successive struggles. The Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation calls us, and the dream of building a world-class university in the past hundred years urges us. History has chosen Harbin Institute of Technology, passing the cause to us like a “baton” in our hands, and we want to pass on this cause one by one, so the next generation can run a good race. We should give full play to our advantages in running a school based on aerospace, serving national defense and excellence in engineering, carry forward the school motto of "Strict Specifications, Solid Skills”, pass on the spirit of Harbin Institute of Technology, thoroughly implement the First-class university construction plan, and strive to build a strong university with Chinese characteristics, world-class standards, and Harbin Institute of Technology specifications for the next century of our school. 

Zhou Yu concluded by saying that the best memorial to history is to create a new history. Making history needs liberal-mindedness and vigorous endurance. Together, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, let us illuminate the starry sky of Harbin Institute of Technology with the passion, dream, and struggle of all Harbin Institute of Technology staff in one school and three campuses. We should remain true to its original aspiration and keep its mission firmly in mind, portraying the strongest voice of Harbin Institute of Technology in the new era in order to "Welcome a New Century, Create a First-class", and work tirelessly to achieve the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 

The glory of our previous history motivated us. The "Eight Hundred Heroes" of HIT encouraged us. Our education of people and cultivation of talents is continuing. Zhu Tong, Grade 1992 alumnus, and Zhang Jinying, Grade 1999 alumnus, recited Grade 1979 alumnus Zhang Fengshou's poem “Message to the Alma Mater for the 99th Birthday", expressing thanks for the return of 300,000 alumni, and sending affectionate blessings to their Alma Mater, wishing the school a new height and brilliance. 

All school leaders, retired veteran leaders' representatives, veteran comrades' representatives, heads of departments, alumni representatives, faculty representatives, and students' representatives participated in the activities.



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