Harbin Institute of Technology

Academician Ren NanQi, Founder and Editor-in-chief of the International Journal Environmental Science and Ecotechnology

Updated: 2019/09/09

Written by: Huan Jing
Translated by: Li Zebing
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 2019-7-12

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Huan Jing/Text) In order to carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thought on ecological civilization and enhance the academic status of China in the field of international ecological environment research, HIT, together with the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, jointly founded the international academic journal Environmental Science & Ecotechnology (hereinafter referred to as "ESE"). After preliminary preparation, the periodical was approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, and the editorial board was established on July 5. Academician Ren Nanqi, director of the State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Water Environment, serves as editor-in-chief of the journal. In his speech at the founding meeting, he proposed that we should not only build the highest-end professional journal in the field of global ecological environment research, but also be the voice of Chinese academia, spread our academic energy, and enhance China's international voice in this field. 
Wang Zhihua, secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences and convenor of the Periodical Management Committee, presided over the founding meeting. Peng Bin, deputy secretary-general of the Society, introduced the organization, objectives, scope, and work plan of the journal. Song Yonghui, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, introduced the periodical organization structure, including the periodical management committee, a consulting team led by academicians, and an editorial board composed of experts in the field of ecological environment. Professor Wang Aijie of our university introduced the duties of the editorial board. 
ESE will focus on the four key directions of global ecosystem change, environmental science, environmental engineering, and ecological technology, with hopes to actively build the periodical into an international, open, cross-domain, cross-disciplinary, and frontier-oriented original research journal, and become a platform for scientists, engineers, college teachers, students, policy-makers, industry experts, and scholars to exchange and share ideas. 



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