Harbin Institute of Technology

Innovation Team of HIT won the first prize in the International Aerial Robotics Competition (Asia-Pacific Venue)

Updated: 2019/09/16

Written by: ZHANG Yan
Translated by: JI Shujie
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 9-3

Recently, the 28th International Aerial Robotics Competition (Asia-Pacific Venue) ended in Kunming. The innovation team of HITCSC won the first prize due to their comprehensive technology and stable performance.

Founded in 1991, the International Air Robot Competition (IARC) is the longest running collegiate aerial robotics challenge in the world and is held once in a year. IARC aims to advance UAV technology by setting challenging, practical, and meaningful competition tasks. The tournament so far has been in existence 28 years, with seven generations of tasks completed. The competition technology is so difficult that each generation of tasks usually takes three to five years to complete. Each task leads to the development of robot technology.

2019 is the second year of the 8th generation of tasks. In this mission, the remote non-electronic human-machine interaction will be conducted, with four aerial robots assisting humans to unlock passwords, open the code case, and retrieve components under the interference of opposing aerial robotic sentries. 155 team members from 16 universities and colleges in the Asia-Pacific venue participated in the tournament.

Under the guidance of professor YAO Yu and He Fenghua, the HITCSC student innovation team has made great progress in target recognition, autonomous navigation of UAV, and collaborative planning and control after one year's efforts. The main team members are all undergraduate students. Team leader LIU Xiyang (responsible for the overall system), deputy team leaders NIU Yinbao (responsible for target recognition) and LIN Zhaochen (responsible for control and planning), as well as team member Lu Zibo (responsible for voice recognition) are senior students. Other team members CUI Bohan, XU Qinzhe, DENG Tianchen, CUI Shangqing, WEI Qianjin, and LU Minghao are sophomores. After a three-day intense competition, the HITCSC team overcame all the difficulties in the way. During the five rounds of competition, the UAV of HITCSC showed perfect voice interaction, target self-identification, follow-up therapy, multi-plane collaborative search, and decision planning, which won the appreciation of the judges.

After several years of technical accumulation, the HITCSC innovation team has laid a solid foundation not only in depth learning, information fusion, independent navigation, and positioning, but also student training, team management, program design, and mechanical structure design. They have won six first prizes in international drone and robot competitions.




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