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HIT held an evening party to celebrate Teachers’ Day and welcome newcomers

Updated: 2019/09/23

Written by: LIU Zhongkui, WANG Qing
Translated by: YU Shuangshuang
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 2019-9-10

On September 10, the 2019 Teachers’ Day Celebration and Newcomers’ Welcome Party, with the theme of “Patriotic Striving and Youth Sailing”, was held in the stadium of HIT’s second campus in celebration of the 35th Teachers’ Day. Many students and staff extended their sincere wishes to our country, our university, and our teachers with various performances. The school leaders of HIT, including WANG Shuquan, DING Xuemei, AN Shi, YAO Limin, WU Songquan (member of the Standing Committee of the HIT Party Committee and head of the Propaganda Department), and SHEN Yi (assistant to the president), attended the performance together with the teachers and students.

The performance was divided into three chapters: “HIT—Our Home”, “Unforgettable kindness from our Teachers” and "Loyalty to serve our country". The warm-up video “I'm Coming, HIT!” recorded the touching and wonderful moments during this year’s welcome work for newcomers and the military training for freshmen. Performances like “HIT I LOVE U”, “Rap for HIT” and “Young China” showed the youthful vitality, young blood, and enthusiastic love of the 2019 freshmen. The song and dance performance “You Are Light”, the sketch "Give Advice", and the robot dance “I Love You China” all showed the determination and sincerity of HIT students and staff to serve the country from the aspects of art and high technology. In order to make students feel the warmth and enthusiasm of HIT, staff from the Department of Basic Studies sang “Welcome to HIT”.

At the same time, a grand and vivid audiovisual feast was provided to teachers and students through the show “Good Luck”, performed by representatives of ethnic minority students, the folk music “Musical Workshop in the Flourishing Tang Dynasty” performed by the HIT art troupe, “Tequila” performed by the HIT military orchestra, and “My motherland and I” sung by the Red Maple Forest chorus and Casting Soul chorus. There was a warm scene at the party, when TANG Shuofei, winner of the National Famous Teacher Award, GAO Jihui, winner of the Model Teacher Award of Heilongjiang Province, HUO Ju, ZHAO Yaqin, WU Yue, LI Xue, YIN Xunbo and GONG Rumin, winners of the Excellent Teacher Award of Heilongjiang Province, ZHANG Hong, Olympic champion and member of the International Olympic Committee, CHEN Jin, Olympic champion, and other representatives of teachers, went onto the stage together and shared the stories as well as the feelings of their growth and teaching experiences in HIT, which greatly touched the audience. Freshmen put 3,896 head portraits together to form scenes of the four seasons in HIT, and HIT motto stones which were carved with HIT spirits to express their gratitude to teachers for their generous guidance and warm company in the following four years. Finally, the party ended warmly with the teachers and students singing “Song of HIT” together.

Teachers and students from the three campuses of HIT, alumni at home and abroad, and parents of freshmen students all watched the performance through live broadcast and webcast.




the Evening Party








Various Performances



Lots of Audience


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