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SHAO Xujun, Vice Chairman of ACFROC, and her delegation came to visit HIT

Updated: 2019/09/23

Written by: LIU Peixiang
Translated by: YU Shuangshuang
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 2019-7-1

On the afternoon of June 28, SHAO Xujun, vice president of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (ACFROC), and her delegation came to HIT to investigate and study the organization construction, talent team construction, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the ACFROC at the grass-roots level. AN Shi, vice secretary of the HIT Party Committee and vice president of HIT, attended the research symposium.

GAO Huijun, winner of the “Contribution (Innovative Talents) Award of Returned Overseas Chinese Community”, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences, and director of the Institute of Intelligent Control and Systems, reported on the development and basic situation of the Institute. The representative research directions and major achievements of the institute were also reported on from the aspects of networked control, industrial intelligent equipment, robot intelligent system, stem cell intelligent cultivation equipment, and so on.

After hearing the report, SHAO Xujun spoke highly of the achievements of the institute. She had a detailed understanding of our faculty construction, our work in ACFROC construction, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. She said that HIT has always been outstanding in the construction of talented individuals and the work of ACFROC. The patriotic and determined spirit of HIT has far-reaching influence and has led generations of HIT graduates to make important contributions to national development, industry development, and local development. She hoped that HIT will continue to give full play to its advanced experience in talent team construction and ACFROC work in the new era, promote the great development of returned overseas Chinese federation work in colleges and universities, and make greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

AN Shi said that HIT has always attached importance to the construction of talented individuals and has taken the initiative to implement the strategy of “strengthening schools with talents”, by doing a good job in providing help and guidance to create a high-level teaching staff team. A large number of teachers with working and studying abroad experience play an important role in personnel training, scientific research, and other fields. The HIT Party Committee has always attached great importance to the ACFROC work and has actively promoted ACFROC to leverage its advantages in bringing together talents from overseas Chinese communities for talent team construction. HIT will continue to support ACFROC to strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations and gather a number of high-level leading talents, making contributions to the realization of China’s "Two Centenary Goals” and HIT “Double First-Class” university construction goals.

SHAO Xujun and her delegation investigated the relevant scientific research achievements of the Institute of Intelligent Control and Systems, and understood the application of the achievements in detail.

ZHAO Hongying, deputy secretary-general of ACFROC and Minister of the Economy and Technology Ministry of China, GUO Zhanli, secretary and chairman of the ACFROC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, CAO Hongfeng, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Harbin Municipal Party Committee, and SHEN Jianping, secretary and vice chairman of the ACFROC Harbin Municipal Party Committee, attended the research.



The forum


SHAO Xujun is making a speech.


AN Shi is making a speech.



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