Harbin Institute of Technology

The three campuses of HIT jointly sing “Me and my country”

Updated: 2019/10/14

Written by: CHEN Xiangchun
Translated by: YU Shuangshuang
Video by: SUN Yi, TAN Lijun, YOU Peiyuan
Date: 9-22

China has been marching forward for seventy years regardless of trails and hardships,

with numerous songs in praise of our great country.

China has been striving ahead for seventy years

with innumerable great achievements.

Many patriotic songs echoes to the clouds.

HITers are singing enthusiastically loud.

The chorus “Me and my country” by teachers and students in HIT is presented in celebration of the National Day.


The rehearsal and preliminary competition of “Me and my country” chorus by teachers and students of HIT has successfully finished. Let's take a look at the splendid performance of each participating chorus team.


School of Astronautics


School of Mechatronics Engineering


School of Materials Science and Engineering


School of Energy Science and Engineering


School of Electrical Engineering and Automation


School of Mathematics

Each chorus team is singing full of spirit and energy,

full of nature and magnificence, in praise of the Communist Party and China.

They want to carry forward the Chinese Dream through their sincerest singing.

They want to write a chapter of the times to promote the core socialist values.


School of Economy and Management


School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law


School of Environment


School of Architecture

“No matter where I travel, you are what I’m singing for”

The song “Me and my country” is

as beautiful and sweet as a lark’s song,

as warm and pleasant as the sun.

Every sentence is so touching that exactly reflects how HITers feel.


School of Computer Science and Technology


School of International Studies


Department of Sports


Department of Basic Education

Under the professional conducting,

every chorus team is coordinate and unified in timbre, pitch and harmony,

with accurate rhythm and clear pronunciation.

All the parts achieve tacit cooperation,

with cohesion and positive energy in their singing.


HIT Party Membership Committee


HIT Retired Personnel Committee


Logistics Group


HIT School Hospital


HIT Industrial Work Committee

HIT, with its three campuses, thousands of teachers and students gather together.

They are singing heroically and passionately

to pass on their pure patriotism

to sing the triumphant song of the times.


HIT Weihai Campus


HIT Shenzhen Campus


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