Harbin Institute of Technology

In a Patriotic Style, HIT Members Show Their Love to the Motherland in Novel Ways.

Updated: 2019/11/04

Written by: SHANG Yankai, LIU Linqian, LIU Hongrui, WANG Chen
Translated by: DU Yufei
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 10-05

Four days have passed since the 70th anniversary of

the founding of the People's Republic of China,

and images of military parades, parties, and national celebrations are still vivid.

Presumably, a lot of people are still as

excited as I am. Today, let’s see together

how HIT members have confessed their love to the motherland,

and jointly review the happy moments brought by the 70th anniversary of the National Day

Raise the national flag and

sing the national anthem

On October 1st, early in the morning,

in the forecourt of the teaching building of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the stadium of the second campus,

thousands of teachers and students gathered together, to participate in the flag-raising ceremonies.

They celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the New China

in the solemn atmosphere of raising the national flag and singing the national anthem.




With a giant five-star red flag unfolding slowly,

people waved their flags in their hands to

express their love and blessings for the great motherland.




Almost at the same time,
teachers and students of the Weihai Campus and Shenzhen Campus
also participated in the similar flag-raising ceremonies.

The vivid five-star red flags,

were flying in the wind on the three campuses of HIT.
All campuses of HIT,
hold the same love for the motherland.


Weihai Campus


Shenzhen Campus

Singing to Our Great Motherland

"My motherland and I cannot be separated for a moment,

Wherever I go, there's a hymn for her... "

The familiar melody echoed in the auditorium of the main building for a long time.

On the Night of September 29th,

The HIT Symphony Orchestra and HIT Military Orchestra,

presented a concert dedicated to the National Day.

Classical patriotic songs such as

“Me and My Motherland”, “March of the Volunteers”

and the “Yellow River Chorus”,

stirred up the profound love of

teachers and students for the motherland.



The students also gave their

best wishes for our motherland's birthday

and expressed their firm belief in serving the country

by recording micro-videos and shooting MVs.



Singing Our Great Motherland

In addition to the usual forms of expression,

HIT students also confessed their love for

the great motherland in novel ways.

On the evening of September 30th,

a special light show was presented

at the third Student Apartment.

By manually control,

students made the lights form

the pattern of the number “70” and a heart shape

through the apartment windows 

to celebrate the 70th anniversary of

the founding of

the People's Republic of China.




In addition,

At the Engineering Practice Center,

students of different majors from all over the school,

designed and completed creative workings such as the “Tian'anmen” “Gate Tower” and “Beautiful China” and replicates of

weaponry such as tanks and helicopters

by electric or gas welding 

to confess their love Great Motherland in a most active way.




Moreover, the students also celebrated the birthday of our great motherland and sent their best wishes

By activities such as painting the earth,

theme group report, relay run, and card communication.






Hard Work Is the Best Confession

This National holiday,

many HIT members have remained in their positions

in the laboratory, the school hospital,

the Campus Duty, and the Logistic service.

They worked hard and silently in

a down-to-earth manner

to confess appreciation for and glorify the great motherland.










These are just part of the activities of HIT members.

For them, patriotism calls for more action than emotion

throughout every day of studying and life.

Their stories are to be continued…



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