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HIT Won the First Prize of the Science and Technology Award of China’s Steel Structure Association in 2019

Updated: 2019/11/04

Written by: Civil Engineering College
Translated by: DU Yufei
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 10-25

HIT News (from the Civil Engineering College) On October 21st, 2019, the 8th member congress of China’s Steel Structure Association was concluded in Guiyang, announcing the winners of the Science and Technology Award for 2019. The project of "Fine Analysis and Design Theory and Key Construction Technology of Long-span Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge", led by Professor Wang Yuyin, Associate Professor Liu Changyong, Associate Professor Geng Yue and Professor Zhang Sumei, was awarded the first prize of the Science and Technology Award. The project was completed by Harbin Institute of Technology, China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen).

The research on the long-span concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge has been carried out for more than 20 years by the Research Center for Metal and Composite Structures. Under the guidance of Professors Zhong Shantong and Zhang Sumei, the team kept a close eye on cutting-edge international issues in the field. Therefore, a series of innovative achievements have been made in the stability design theory, long-term performance, wind and seismic performance and key construction technologies of long-span concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridges. For instance, 1 monograph and more than 60 academic papers (more than 20 SCI search papers) in famous journals and academic conferences at home and abroad were published, and 28 masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral students were cultivated by this program. Many research results have been adopted by national standards or industry standards such as Technical Code for Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Structures (GB50936-2014) and Code for Construction of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures (GB5091-2013).

For many years, the Research Center for Metal and Composite Structures has been working to combine theoretical research with engineering practice. To achieve this goal, it has united with the China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (formerly China Railway 13th Bureau Group Co., Ltd.), through cooperative research and development and postdoctoral training to successfully apply its research results to more than ten typical projects, such as the Hubei Zhijinghe Bridge (the deck steel pipe concrete arch bridge with the world’s longest main span of 430m) and the Guangdong Jinshan Bridge (the world's largest leaning concrete filled steel tube arch bridge with a main span of 160m). All of these applications have contributed remarkable economic and social benefits.


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