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Two Technologies Help Beijing Daxing International Airport Construction Receives Media Attention

Updated: 2019/11/04

Written by: Ma Xiaoxue
Translated by: Li Zebing
Edited by: William Mosteller 
Date: 2019-9-28

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Ma Xiaoxue/Text) Recently, with the official operation of Beijing Daxing International Airport, two technologies developed at HIT that have helped the construction of this airport received media attention. Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Education News, China Education Online, Sina. Com, Heilongjiang Daily, Heilongjiang Radio and Television, Northeast China Network, ZAKER Harbin, Harbin Television, and other media outlets have reported this information firsthand, revealing the great power of HIT behind the "Phoenix Wings". 
In the report, a number of media cited our school official WeChat, entitled "Two technologies to help Beijing Daxing International Airport construction" as part of the content. "Anti-ice and Anti-skid, Automatic Snow Melting: ‘Black Technology’ Behind Beijing Daxing International Airport”, "Snow Melting and Anti-skid Technology Helps Beijing Daxing International Airport Achieve" Green Airport, and "Universities Help Build Beijing Daxing International Airport and Open It to Traffic”, reported China Education News. Each of them mentioned the importance of the two technologies to ensure the safe operation of the airport in all weather conditions during winter, in order to become a "smart airport", "safe airport" and "green airport". 





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