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Prof. XU Xiaofei Won Outstanding Leadership Award from IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Services Computing

Updated: 2019/11/11

Written by:LIU Peixiang
Translated by:JI Shujie
Edited by:William Mosteller
Date: 7-17

From July 8 to 13, Vice President XU Xiaofei led a delegation to attend the 2019 IEEE World Congress on Services in Milan, Italy, where he was awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award by the IEEE TCSVC.

As the Chairman of the Technical Committee on Service Computing of the China Computer Federation, Professor XU promoted in-depth cooperation between CCF TCSC and IEEE TCSVS. In recent years, XU’s research team has been committed to the research of large-scale service theory and smart service technology. Serving as the chairman of IEEE SCC 2019, Xu made a thematic academic report and published four papers at this conference.

Established in November 2003, the IEEE TCSVC is a multi-disciplinary academic group, aiming to promote engineering research and development, set standards, and develop teaching systems in the field of service computing worldwide. The IEEE World Congress on Services is a top-level conference organized by the committee, covering popular researches in the field of service computing such as network services, business services, cloud computing, big data, cognitive computing, and edge computing. It boasts a history of nearly 20 years. More than 560 scholars and people from the industry circle worldwide attended the conference.

WANG Zhongjie, CHU Dianhui, XU Hanchuan, TU Zhiying, and LI Chunshan from the School of Computer Science gave oral presentations at the conference.



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