Harbin Institute of Technology

@Motherland, I wish you a happy 70th birthday at Harbin Institute of Technology!

Updated: 2019/11/11

Written by: Huang Chao, Yue Hao
Translated by: Wang Yumeng
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 10-01



1949, you are facing the rising sun

Standing in the east corner of the world

2019, you take on a new look

Smiling in the center of the world stage


Happy for 70 years, and now it's time to celebrate

Today is your birthday

My China!


70 years is short

In history, it's just a snap

70 years is a long time

Long enough to make a country

From everything undone to a great rejuvenation


In these 70 years

Harbin Institute of Technology has always shared the same fate with the motherland

The national flag flutters, the heart grows proud

On this day of national celebration

Harbin Institute of technology wishes your 70th birthday

In a special way

My dearest motherland!


Something moved, in our heart

Wherever we go

All have dreams of the motherland

There's a kind of glory, in heart and soul.

Even till the end of time

We will also collect the most brilliant smile of the motherland


I want to present a most beautiful Anthem

To our dearest motherland

I love her magnificent scenery

I also love her magnificent and vast cultural treasures.

More importantly, I love her 56 nationalities and one family.


Five thousand years of frost, rain and snow

Never stopped

Your bloody heartbeat

70 years of hard work

Never blocked

The pace of your progress


Recalling the past

Reform and opening up

Leading China to a great change

Look at today

Along the way, reviving glory.

China and the world dream for the future


Chinese nation, self-confidence and self-improvement

Brave in torrent, getting rid of the century's shame

This is the strength for the rejuvenation!


Chinese people, one heart and one virtue

Stay true to the mission and realize the dream of a powerful country

This is the strength for the rejuvenation!


Through thousands of years of wind and snow

You are confident and calm, passing through the bumps of fate

The long march of a new era

You are in high spirits

This is the strength for the rejuvenation!


Chang'e flies to the sky

Jiaolong dives deep into the sea

Shuttling through the shadows

Dreams come true

This is the strength for the rejuvenation!


You are a cockerel

Breaking the silence of the night

You're a dragon flying in the sky

Proud of the sky of history

You have a sacred name

You are our dearest motherland!


I love you, China

Love your vast territory

The broad chest contains numerous mountains, rivers and lakes


I love you, China

Love your dedication and selflessness

How many life elves have been nurtured in the warm embrace


I love you, China

Dear mother

Pride and tears

Are full of affection for you


There's a sense of pride

Call me Chinese

There's a sense of confidence.

Call me Chinese


The country is the new China

Heart is Chinese heart

China, bless you!

Thousands of words, you are in my heart!



National celebration, grand birthday

Over Tian'anmen Square

National flags of China

This is the most beautiful outline of China!


Five thousand years of wind and rain

Made this great and beautiful China

Seventy birthday

New China will start again

For the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

Chinese people

Forge ahead with one heart!


There is a feeling

the 99-year history of Harbin Institute of Technology

All related to the motherland


In the 1950s, Harbin Institute of Technology returned to the motherland. The "800 heroes" of the older generation of Harbin Institute of Technology gathered here from all over the country and dedicated their best years to the construction of the motherland.


In the 1960s, Harbin Institute of Technology adapted to the needs of the motherland, set up a number of cutting-edge specialties, which adheres to aerospace exploration, national defense services, and development of the motherland.


In the 1970s, the spring breeze of reform and opening-up woke up the land of China. Harbin Institute of Technology and the motherland made great strides towards the world.


In the 1980s, Harbin Institute of Technology established China's first School of Astronautics, which trained a large number of talents for the development of the aerospace industry of the motherland.


In the 1990s, the first batch entered Project 211 and Project 985... In the development of national higher education, Harbin Institute of Technology has never been absent.


In the new century, facing the major needs of the country, Harbin Institute of technology has made a series of major breakthroughs for the development of the motherland. In the near future, Harbin Institute of Technology is moving towards a hundred year strong university, which will witness the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the nation.


In the future

Harbin Institute of Technology will remain true to our original aspiration

And keep our mission firmly in mind

For a hundred years of strong school dreams of Harbin Institute of Technology

For Chinese dream of national rejuvenation

To work together, fight together


At last

Let's wish you all the best

Happy 70th birthday to our motherland!






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