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The 15th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth and the Science and Technology Forum for Youth were held at HIT

Updated: 2019/11/18

Written by: Liu Peixiang
Translated by: Yang Yue, Wang Yumeng
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 07-01

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Liu Peixiang Text/Xin Ran, Han Guanghui Photograph) On the afternoon of June 29, the 15th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth and the Science and Technology Forum for Youth were held in the Lecture Hall, Room 301 of the Activity Center of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). Chen Zhili, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the China Association of Old Scientific and Technological Workers, and Huai Jinpeng, secretary and executive vice chairman of the Party Group of the China Association for Science and Technology, attended the meeting and presented awards to the winners of the 15th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth.

Qi Rang, deputy director of the National Committee of the CPPCC of Population Resources and Environment, Shen Yan, vice chairman of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and Academician of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yuan Yaxiang, vice chairman of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and Academician of CAS, Chen Anli, member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and minister of the Organizational Department, and other academicians attending the annual meeting of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology attended the forum.

The award ceremony was hosted by Li Keyong, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. Niu Weihong, deputy director of the Talent Work Bureau of the Central Organization Department, read the "15th China Youth Science and Technology Awards Commendation Decision". Professor Wu Xiaohong of our university was awarded the Special Award of Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, and Professor Jiang Bo and Professor Huang Zhiwei were awarded the Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth.

The Science and Technology Forum for Youth was hosted by Academician Xue Qikun, vice president of Tsinghua University. Wang Shoudong, member of the CPC Group of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, secretary of the Party Committee of Organs, and minister of the Organizational and Personnel Department, and academician Zhou Yu, president of HIT, delivered speeches respectively. Academician Gao Fu, the winner of the First Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth and the director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Han Jiecai, the award-winning representative of the 5th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth and the academic vice president of HIT, made special reports.

In his speech, Wang Shoudong said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Symposium on Promoting the Revitalization of Northeast China clearly pointed out that the revitalization of Northeast China in the new era is a comprehensive and all-round revitalization, and made important instructions in six aspects, such as optimizing the business environment and fostering new momentum, which pointed out the direction for the promotion of the revitalization of Northeast China in the new era. Nowadays, the winners of the Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth are all the fresh backbone forces--brave pioneers of innovation who are excellent representatives of young scientists and technicians. It is hoped that young scientists and technicians will inherit the spirit of Chinese scientists and integrate the individual into the great ego of the motherland and the people. They will have ideals, abilities, and responsibilities, seize the commanding heights of science and technology, create more powerful tools for other countries, and closely link the scientific dream and ideal with the national dream and the people's dream. Additionally, we should write papers on the motherland and on the northeast, transform the creativity of ideas into the endogenous driving force of economic and social development, give full play to the role of the first productive force of science and technology, organize the first resource of talents effectively, bring into play the role of the first driving force of talents’ energy and innovation, and help to revitalize the Northeast in a comprehensive way. It is hoped that the young scientists and technicians participating in the forum will bring their own strengths into full play, contribute wisdom and strength to the economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading of Northeast China, and become an important participant and recorder in the overall revitalization of Northeast China in the new era of science and technology. It is also hoped that the forum will provide a platform for communication and exchange between young talents and local governments and enterprises, and promote the integration of industry and learning and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements through problem-oriented and effect-oriented approaches. Wang Shoudong said that praising the Republic and pursuing the dream of a new era are the themes of patriotic struggle. Scientific and technological workers, especially young ones, should consciously practice and vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era, strive to be the creators of major scientific research achievements, be devoted to building a strong scientific and technological country, be practitioners of lofty ideological character, and be leaders of good social customs in order to realize the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.

In his speech, Zhou Yu introduced the school's development history and school-running characteristics. He thanked experts of the China Association for Science and Technology for their support for the university over the years, which enabled the school to stabilize a core backbone team in the northern part of the motherland and to make due contributions to development of the regional economy and space defense. He said that HIT has always adhered to its orientation of running a school based on space flight, serving the national defense, and facing the main battlefield of the national economy. It adhered to the same development speed and direction as national construction, regional development, and the revitalization of Heilongjiang Province, forming the school motto "Strict criterions, Solid Skills" and the spirit of HIT's "800 strong men." In terms of school-running characteristics, it has always adhered to the concepts of "the university is not big, but learning", and "the discipline is not complete, but refined”, highlighting the characteristics, advantages, innovation, pursuit of excellence in school-running ideas, integration in engineering, craftsmanship, and skills. In terms of personnel training, the school adheres to the concept of "solid foundation, strong practice, strict process, innovation" and the combination of general education, professional education, practical innovation, and personality development, as well as training a number of students with solid basic theoretical foundation, engineering practice ability, practical style, innovation, pragmatics, and entrepreneurial talents. In the construction of teaching staff, adhering to the concept of modesty HIT has improved the multiple evaluation system of talents, with career retention, treatment retention, emotion retention, stability of the core backbone, introduction of high-end leaders, and cultivation of younger generations, thus stablizing, guiding, and training talents. Zhou Yu said that HIT will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the forum on promoting the revitalization of Northeast China, keeping in mind its original intention and mission. HIT has taken on a new role in promoting the all-round revitalization of Heilongjiang by creating a 100-year-old university with "Chinese characteristics, world-class, and HIT characteristics."

Academician Gao Fu talked about the important influence of the China Science and Technology Awards on his own growth under the title of "My Scientific Research Comes from the China Youth Science and Technology Awards". Based on his own scientific research experience, he interpreted the difficult course of Chinese science and technology development from chasing, following, and running to leading, expounded on the connotation of science and technology, creation, and innovation, and emphasized the importance of innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship. He said that without passion, there is no creativity. Innovation is the first motivating force, and talent is the first resource. Only by adhering to the demand-oriented and problem-oriented approach can we find opportunities and breakthroughs for innovation, release creativity and talent vitality, and let ordinary people do extraordinary things. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that science and technology innovation and science popularization are the two wings of innovation-driven development, and that science popularization should be placed on an equal footing with science and technology innovation. It is hoped that scientists and technological researchers will do a good job in popularizing science and in scientific and technological innovation, so that the strength of science and technology will benefit more people. In conclusion, he said that the development of the country depends on talented people, the revitalization of the Northeast depends on talented people, and the development of HIT also depends on talented people. Talents can be trained by themselves or imported, and as long as they can be retained and used properly, HIT will develop, the Northeast will revitalize, and China will have hope and strength to take off.

Academician Han Jiecai, with the theme of "Pain" and "Love" of the Three Generations of Scientific and Technological Work, described the group of scientific and technological workers in his own eyes. He talked about the experiences of his tutor, Academician Du Shanyi, and State Preeminent Science and Technology Award recipient Academician Liu Yongtan. Through “The Pain of Broken Mountains and Rivers”, “The Pain of Poverty and Difficulty”, and “The Pain of Being Controlled by People”, he told the story of the "800 Strong Men" of HIT who sharpened their swords, fought patriotically, and made contributions for decades, and expounded on their unswerving dream of serving the country through science and technology and their patriotism. He said that one generation has its own responsibility and mission. Each generation has its own "pain", but also has a common "love", that is, love for the party, patriotism, and the people. It is with such an initial heart that generations of scientific and technological workers shouldered the heavy trust of the party and the people, erected the solid backbone of China's scientific and technological undertakings, and constantly created scientific and technological miracles that excite the people and impress the world. Today, we are going to take over the banner of our predecessors, adhere to our initial mission, continue to pass on the torch, courageously become the vanguard of scientific and technological innovation in the new era, and hand over splendid answers to the Party and the people in their struggle.

Researcher Liu Guanghui, of the Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor Yang Li, associate dean of Peking University First Hospital, professor Wu Xiaohong, associate dean of the School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, researcher Zou Xiang, director of the Network Identity Technology Department of the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd., Gao Yudi, general manager of Kunshan Weixinnuo Technology Co., Ltd., researcher Zheng Hairong, deputy dean of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other award-winning representatives of the 15th Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth respectively gave academic reports.

Representatives of young scientific and technological talents, entrepreneurs, and teachers and students from Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning Provinces participated in the activities. At the forum, the participants discussed the issues of revitalizing the Northeast, especially focusing on the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang Province. They have discussed how to attract, cultivate, and retain talents, and how to achieve innovation-driven development in Heilongjiang Province.



Li Keyong gave a speech


Niu Weihong published the decision


Prize Awarding(封面)


Wang Shoudong gave a speech


Zhou Yu gave a speech


Xue Qikun gave a speech


Gao Fu made a report


Han Jiecai made a report










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