Harbin Institute of Technology

Microvideo "Walking with Harbin University of Technology" | What a beautiful way you chase dreams!

Updated: 2019/11/25

Written by: Kong Lingbo, Long Ceshan
Translated by: Huang Shihui
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 2019-9-30





We will usher in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

Since the 1950s

Harbin Institute of Technology has always developed in the same direction as that of the country

Many of New China's "firsts" were born here

The Spirit of the "Eight Hundred Strong Men" of Harbin Institute of Technology

Concieved here, and passed on to the students here,

Walk with Dreams

Walk with youth

Harbin Institute of Technology has never stopped chasing dreams


Based on aerospace and serving national defense

A scientific puzzle has been broken through

Boosting the Development of Science and Technology in the Motherland

The new radar system is quietly guarding the motherland's sea frontiers.

“Zhuhai One” is facing us from afar in the vast expanse of space.


Stringency and professionalism

This is the motto of Harbin Institute of Technology

With decades of hard work and persistence

Training generations of engineers.

Building up a batch after batch of astronauts


One school, three districts

Different regions

Different flavors

The lilacs in Harbin are refreshing

The golden sandy beaches of Weihai are endless

The beautiful night scenery of Shenzhen is magnificent.




In the laboratory, students work hard

At the stadium, the athletes are in high spirits



Harbin Institute of Technology strives with unremitting patriotism


In the 70-year history of New China

Writing down a rich and colorful chapter

Going where the motherland needs it most

Has become the constant mission and pursuit of Harbin Institute of Technology


Celebrating the 70th Birthday of New China

Greeting Harbin Institute of Technology's Centenary Birthday

Harbin Institute of Technology will continue to cooperate with that national development,

Open a new chapter

Create a glorious tomorrow


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