Harbin Institute of Technology

The Third HIT Ice & Snow Cultural Festival Has Opened

Updated: 2019/12/30

Written by: Yang Jiayu, Shan Yankai
Translated by: Wang Yumeng
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 12-20

Harbin Institute of Technology News (Yang Jiayu, Shan Yankai/Text, Xin Ran, Liu Zhongkui/Photograph) The Ice & Snow Cultural Festival of Harbin Institute of Technology has come again! On the evening of December 19, the opening of the Third HIT Ice & Snow Cultural Festival was held in front of the Plaza of the Electric Machinery Building with the theme of "Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology".

Xiong Sihao, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HIT, lit up the main ice sculpture landscape and announced the opening of the Ice & Snow Cultural Festival. An Shi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of HIT, and Yao Limin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of HIT, presented awards to the winning teachers and students respectively. Wu Songquan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of HIT, presided over the activity.

Assistant President Hou Yujie read out the list of winners. From December 17 to 19, the Third International University Ice Sculpture Competition, hosted by HIT and organized by the School of Architecture, was held in the pedestrian street of the first campus.There were more than 30 teams from the Chinese University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Technology, and many colleges of HIT. After three days of competition, students from HIT won the first prize of this competition for their work “Guo Yun Xiang Ling”.

After the opening ceremony, teachers and students strolled around the campus, enjoying ice sculptures, tasting delicious food, playing games, and sharing the fun of the Ice & Snow Cultural Festival. "I thought last year's ice sculptures were the best I’ve seen, but I didn't expect this year's ice sculptures to be even more amazing!" Every time someone stopped to sigh at their work, the “artists” who had carefully carved in the cold weather took this as their most sincere praise. In addition to previous activities, such as sugar gourd, barbecue kebabs, and folk performances, this year's Ice & Snow Cultural Festival had many special cuisines, such as Chongqing chuanchuanxiang, baozi, nang cake, and sticky bean bun from Tongle Village, Baiquan County. The Ice & Snow Cultural Festival will last for a week. Every night in the pedestrian street of the first campus, teachers and students can enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery.

From the front of the Electric Machinery Building to the pedestrian street, from the pedestrian street to the food promenade, refined ice sculptures, beautiful colored lights, red tents, and a bustling crowd could be seen. All of the spectators were talking about the warmth and romance in the Ice City and at Harbin Institute of Technology.

In the coming week, a series of wonderful activities, such as the International College Students' Snow Architecture Competition, the International Ice and Snow Innovation and Construction Competition, and the Ice and Snow Games, will be staged one after another. Teachers and students can feel the unique charm of ice and snow culture and ice and snow sports at home.





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