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HIT Has Released its Centennial Logo

Updated: 2020/02/24

Written by: JI Xing
Translated by: Yu Shuangshuang
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 2020-1-2

On the morning of January 2, the award ceremony for the 100th anniversary logo selection and the 100th anniversary logo conference were held in the administration building. XIONG Sihao, secretary of the HIT Party Committee, unveiled the ceremony and made a speech.

XIONG Sihao pointed out that 2020 is a milestone year for our whole country and a decisive year to overcome poverty. China will build a well-off society in an all-round way and realize its first centenary goal. 2020 is also a crucial year for HIT. It is the year when the first phase of the “Three-Step” development strategy is realized. We will usher in the historic moment of the 100th anniversary of HIT.

XIONG Sihao put forward three requirements for our 100th anniversary.

First, we must always adhere to the right guiding ideology and working principles. The commemoration of the centennial anniversary doesn’t represent a great celebration, but a great opportunity to promote the construction of “Double First-Class”, to do a good job in self-examination of people’s satisfactory education, to establish a good image of world-class university with Chinese characteristics. We must always adhere to the guidance of General Secretary XI Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implement his important statement on education as well as the 19th National Congress spirit. We will further pool the wisdom of teaching staff and students in HIT as well as all sectors of society. We will promote HIT to become an important academic place in the global space field, the birthplace of national innovation-driven development, and the spiritual home of harmony and solidarity. We will train and bring up more top-notch innovative talents with persistent beliefs, excellent moral character, rich knowledge, excellent skills, international vision and leading future development. We will become a century-old university with Chinese characteristics, world class standards and stringent specifications. In order to hold various commemorative activities for the centennial ceremony of HIT, it is necessary to implement the requirements of the leading party group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Second, We should continue to move forward on the basis of a comprehensive

summary of our experience in education. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the conference celebrating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: “We must not forget the road we have taken when we move forward. No matter how far we go or how glorious our future is, we cannot forget our history.” Our school has gone through a 100-year history, which has spanned the gloomy and disaster-stricken old China, the early stage of the construction of a new China, a 40-year period of vigorous and enterprising reform and opening up, and a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which has undergone historic changes and achieved historic achievements. Looking back on the history of HIT, there are not only hesitation and survival from great difficulties, but also glorious years with reform and innovation, the creation of model experience, great contributions, the cultivation of innumerable talents and the accumulation profound culture. We need to comprehensively sum up past experience and deeply grasp the formed laws. Only in this way can we always maintain the spirit of struggle and our true heart to the people. Only in this way can we face the future and challenges. Only in this way can we remember our initiative mind and continue to move forward.

Third, We should plan the future of HIT in the face of unprecedented changes in

100 years. Over the past century, particularly in the past decade, all students and teaching staff kept in mind the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping when he visited HIT in 2009. We adhered to our school motto of “Stringency and Proficiency”, made a series of achievements and remarkable progress, and produced a number of fruitful results and advanced models, thus making HIT a 100-year-old strong university with Chinese characteristics, world-class standard and stringent specifications. We handed in satisfactory answers to our Party and our people. The situation in China and abroad is undergoing profound and complex changes, therefore, risks and challenges from all aspects have increased significantly. The new round of scientific, technological and industrial revolution has accelerated the reshape of the world and the transformation of global governance. In this regard, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has made a major judgment: the world is now experiencing unprecedented changes in a century. We should have a deep understanding of its rich connotation and great opportunities. We should aim at the center of the world stage, prepare for danger in times of safety, take a long-term view to plan ahead and seize opportunities, so as to open up a great start and take a good step for HIT in the new century.

XIONG Sihao stressed that with six months to go before the 100th anniversary, all commemorative activities and preparations are being carried out in an all-round way. Time is short while the tasks are heavy. He hoped everyone would make persistent efforts and take our mission to do a good job of all the tasks decided and deployed, so as to better transform the traditional characteristics and advantages of HIT into “Double First-Class” construction efficiency, and jointly plan a bright future for HIT.

At the meeting, WU Songquan, member of the Standing Committee of the HIT Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, CAI Jujin, Vice President of the Alumni Association, HOU Yujie, President Assistant, and CHEN Rui, Director of the School Office, presented awards to representatives of the winners of the first, second, third and outstanding awards for the Centennial Logo Selection Campaign respectively.

On March 28, 2019, sponsored by HIT Celebration Office and hosted by the School of Architecture, the solicitation of centennial logos at home and abroad was officially launched. A total of 168 professional logos were solicited, which have undergone preliminary evaluation by professional teachers and review by 7 experts as well as 48 public judges in three aspects of design content, design artistry, creativity and application. According to the comprehensive consideration of factors such as scoring results, duplicate examination and creative conception, a total of 16 works were selected to enter the final review. Today, HIT conducted an online voting for the selection of the final Logo, with a total of more than 30,000 people taking part in the voting.

After deliberation by the Standing Committee of the HIT Party Committee on July 16, 2019, and in accordance with the further revision and improvement opinions of experts and professional organizations, the logo for commemorating the 100th anniversary was finally completed. In order to better use and give full play to the role of the centennial logo, the HIT Celebration Office has compiled the Administrative Measures for the Use of Logos Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of HIT and the Manual for the Use of Logos Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of HIT.

The logo for the 100th anniversary was designed and revised by CAI Yi, ZHU Lei’s team and NIU Xiaodong, an undergraduate from the School of Economics and Management. The original intention of the design was to intuitively present the historical event of the HIT’s 100th anniversary through the combination of the most iconic perspective of HIT’s main building and the number 100.

The centennial logo provides a more modern visual appearance display method. The outline of the main building, which a landmark building of HIT, is drawn through the arrangement of its different sections, as each section gradually enlarges from far to near, which seems to be a historical memory in time and space for a hundred years, representing the growing development process of HIT along the way.

The perspective cross-sectional image of the main building looks like the books displayed on the book shelf, which also symbolizes the mission of the university to teach, dispel doubts and educate students. Through the uniform vertical arrangement, it presents a solemn and rigorous feeling, which not only effectively conforms to our school motto (Stringency and Proficiency), but also represents the spirit of rigorous scholarship of HITers.

The centennial anniversary also represents the beginning of a new era. Therefore, when designing the number 100, the infinite symbols in mathematics are changed to express HIT’s expectation: to carry forward the past, forge ahead bravely and march towards a new brilliant journey. The satellites and trajectories embedded in the logo represent the school-running characteristics of HIT as a “strong space university”. On the one hand, the gear shape is consistent with our school badge; on the other hand, it also shows the achievements of HIT as a strong science and technology university and a famous aerospace university.

The star at the top of the main building becomes the visual focus of the whole logo, which represents the sincere heart of each HITer to serve our country and devote himself to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


The Meeting


XIONG Sihao, secretary of the HIT Party Committee, is making a speech.





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