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Special Issue of Space Day--- HIT Scholars Engaged in Aerospace Talk about School Motto and Academic Research

Updated: 2020/05/12

Written by: Meng Xiaohui
Translated by: Li Minghui
Edited by: William Mosteller
Date: 4.24

In order to commemorate thesuccessful launch of "Dong Fanghong-1", China's first man-made earth-orbiting satellite, on April 24, 1970,to demonstrate China's achievements in the space industry, and topromote the spirit of spaceflight, the state set April 24 as theannual "China Space Day" in 2016. Looking back on history, HIThas always resonated with China's space industry. On their way to realizing the space dream, HITstudents, staff, and graduateshave never stopped.

Today, on this special day, please join us to learn the understanding of the school motto of HIT scholars engaged in aerospaceand their pursuit of learning.

First of all, we must lay a solid foundation and improve our self-studyability. If our country wants to develop, innovate, and be at the forefront, we can't follow and imitate others. In this case, we must cultivate the ability of self-study.Second, becauseinterdisciplinary scienceis developing rapidly, we should have the ability of comprehensive processing and analysis.Third, we should have practical ability and strive to turn our ideas into reality instead of fantasy.Fourth, we mustlearn to be a good man before doing things. We should learn to deal with people and cooperate with each other with mutual learning.The future development of our country is very promising. In a quite long period of time, space technology is still very important in the world. With the growth of our country, young students will have great potential in the future!

              ---Sun Jiadong, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, merit scientist of "Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and One Man-Made Satellite",and chief designer of thelunar exploration project

The school spirit of HIT has always been to engage in solid learning, firm research, and earnest study.The school motto of HIT is "Stringent Standards, Professional Proficiency[LM1] ", andits essence and core is to require each student to learn in a thorough manner and understand every basic concept.During one's growth, one should know that there are restrictions when there are specifications. Strictness is required and carelessness must be avoided;moreover, learning skills should reach a very high level. When one's ability is at itsbest, one will surely achieve results and succeed.That is not only my experience but also the education and training of HIT. My biggest gain fromHIT is that I have learned how to study and how to analyze problems.      ---Luan Enjie, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineeringandchief commander ofthelunar exploration project

"Stringent Standard, Professional Proficiency"is not empty talk, but is actually reflected in all aspects of teaching.HITpays special attention to the study of basic theories throughout each course. Every concept, every formula, and every proposition involvedwereexplained very thoroughly and clearly by our teachers. In addition, under the heuristic teaching method, most students can independently complete the deduction of some propositions and formulas. Besides, HIT is also strict in training the practical abilityof students. At that time, we all had to go to the factory for ascience and technology internship and agraduation internship, and wespent a lot of time in practice.

---General Li Jinai, former commander in chief of manned space engineering[LM2] 

A great cause is made up of tens of millions of ordinary people and ordinary things they do.Students should also learn to start with small things and do well in every small thing so that they can have the opportunity to do big things in the future.You are constantly changing roles in life. Now,you are students,and you should do what students should dowell. Only when you perform your current role well can you perform your next one well.The key to being a man is to be realistic and judge your own strength objectively; to be down-to-earth instead of setting unrealistic goals that are over- ambitious.       

---General Hu Shixiang, former deputy commander in chief of manned space engineering

I was admitted by the Electrical Engineering School of HIT in 1958. HIT has a very positive academic atmosphere with strong teaching and researchand strict requirements for students.Students have special teachers to take care of them during the internship and graduation project. Therefore, graduates aregood at hands-on practice and independent thinking. I still remember the days and nights when I used to study hard in the classroom and do morning reading on the campus path. I would like to say to the studentsthat success is the result of hard work. If you think you are right, stick to it. Never think the grass is greener on the other side.

---General Li Yuanzheng, former director of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Looking back, I realized that no matter what you do, you shouldalways focus on a point, working in a good style. It was the school motto of HIT that made me form a good style.I was deeply influenced by my teachers' rigorous attitude towards study, and I've learned a lot. At the same time, the hard-working spirit formed at school has keptmy high-spirited ambition and strong confidence all the time, which enables me to have the courage to try at work and show my ability in practice.

---General Liu Qinggui, former deputy director of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

HIT is known as the cradle of engineers. We should be proud that talents from HIT have the strong professional ability and the spirit of seeking truth from facts.  HIT has a lot of great teachers who teach at a high level and are very strict, such asmath teacher Fu Jinglong and Yang Keshao, as well as QiangWenyi who teaches automatic control.It was the school motto"Stringent Standards, Professional Proficiency" and thestrong academic atmosphere that cultivated my active thinking ability and extensive interests. Looking backon my study in university, I believe that, above all, knowledge of major conceptsmust be grasped, the scope of knowledge must be wide, and learning methods must be mastered.

     ---Huang Jiangchuan, chief designer of Chang'e-2 lunar satellite

When I was a graduate student, I had a deep experience of the spirit of the school motto of "Stringent Standards, Professional Proficiency ". I would like to offer three hopes to young students. First, the best stage for systematic learning in life is in university. I hope that students can cherish the best time to study, lay a solid foundation, and broaden their horizons to prepare for future work.Second, you shouldcultivate the spirit of scientific research and self-study abilityto overcome difficulties. Third, be practical and willing to work,anddo not rush for success. The knowledge and experience you gain through study and research will help you in the future.

       ---Zhu Zongpeng, chief designer of Tiangong No.2

The reason why I can do well in my work is that I laid a solid professional foundationin the university stage. During my study in HIT, my greatest achievement was to lay a solid professional foundation, develop a strict and rigorous style of work, and be able to handle things properly. Thus, I have a correct understanding of life goals and unswerving pursuit.The style of HITpeople is down-to-earth, rigorous, and pragmatic. It is tens of thousands of Chinese like HITpeople that support the building of our country.       

---Zhang Bangning, deputy chief designer of theResource-1 satellite

The fine tradition of HIT’s motto "Stringent Standards, Professional Proficiency" has always influenced me. This strict style of study has imperceptibly cultivated our quality. Others say that members of HIT are very hard-working and enduring. I think this is our strength.Only this kind of strict, rigorous, and down-to-earth spirit can be more condensed into the spirit of manned spaceflight --- especially able to bear hardships, fight against difficulties, tackle key problems, and make contributions.

     ---LongJiang, deputy commander in chief of Chang'e-1 lunar satellite


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