Harbin Institute of Technology

Leaders of HIT Paid a Visit and Investigated Epidemic Prevention and Control Work

Updated: 2020/05/12

Written by: LIU Peixiang
Translated by: FU Chongshi
Edited by:William Mosteller
Date: 03-03

Harbin Institute of Technology News (LIU Peixiang / text) In order to implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the prevention and control of the epidemic in subordinate colleges and universities, Party Committee Secretary XIONG Sihao and Principal ZHOU Yu of HIT led the team to paid a visit to the General Affairs Office / Logistics Group, Security Departments and other units, investigated the epidemic prevention and control work, and expressed their recognition of the employees’ contributions on March 1, who stuck to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Vice President XU Dianguo joined in the investigation.

In the course of the investigation, XIONG Sihao and ZHOU Yu pointed out that at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control work, we must always tighten our bottom line thinking and carefully implement various prevention and control tasks. Logistics, security and other units undertake the important responsibilities of ensuring the normal operation of the university.  They employ a large number of employees, serve many people, have heavy tasks and heavy responsibilities, and must pay high attention. It is necessary to strictly implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by further strengthening employee management, comprehensively and strictly controlling all key links, resolutely preventing the external input and the internal proliferation, making a detailed phased plan, and firmly ensuring that the employee data is accurate, comprehensive, and informative, and updates timely.  Besides, we should resolutely make sure that employees' health records and activity track accounts are fully covered to minimize possible risks and ensure the overall safety and stability of the campus.

On the fourth floor of Xuezi Building, the leaders heard a report from the General Affairs Office / Logistics Group on strengthening the management of logistics employees during the epidemic prevention. Under the guidance of the epidemic prevention and control leading group of HIT, the General Affairs Office / Logistics Group seriously implemented the requirements of documents at all levels, and actively adopted a series of prevention and control measures including strengthening employee management, and increasing the frequency of disinfection of apartments, canteens, and buildings. They also strictly implemented the building management code, and then purchased and stored anti-epidemic materials and food raw materials in a timely manner. What’s more, they accelerated the preparation and setting of isolation areas, and adjusted the way of catering in time.  Meanwhile, they established a vanguard team of party members who carried out special care for seniors living alone and other actions to provide solid daily assistance for the prevention and control work of the university. In order to further strengthen employee management, the General Affairs Office / Logistics Group strictly made sure no one could return to the campus earlier, made personnel information statistics, gained their precise routes, and strictly distributed responsibility according to zones and types of the relevant issues.  Moreover, they put emphasis on the dormitories by implementing strict measures to avoid big crowds.  For each post, the employee’s health conditions shall be recorded, and for each case of failure, there had to be a precaution plan that could tell who should be blamed. After the report, the leaders inspected the storage and management of epidemic prevention materials on the spot.

They also came to the security office, Xiyuan Hotel, gatekeepers, etc.  to learn more about the management of personnel entering and leaving the campus and the isolation observation of returning employees. They expressed their recognition of the employees’ contributions on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, thanking them for their protecting the safety of the campus and ensuring the health of teachers and students. It was hoped that they would strictly abide by the management norms and work procedures, do a good job in self-protection and pay attention to health and safety while preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Heads of relevant units such as the school office, general affairs department, and security department participated in the visit and investigation.


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