The Online Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement Between BASF Group and Harbin Institute of Technology Was Held


May 20, 2019 – BASF signed a cooperation agreement with the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in School of Transportation and Science and Engineer to jointly conduct research relating to the material solutions for sustainable infrastructure applications. Dr. Lou Jianfeng, President of BASF global advanced material and system R & D platform, Vice President of HIT Mr. Liu Hong and President Assistant of HIT Mr. Fan Feng attended the signing ceremony.

“BASF is the world's leading chemical enterprise, with more than 117000 employees worldwide. In 2019, BASF's global sales volume is about 59 billion euros. As an innovation-oriented enterprise, BASF is committed to developing a new generation of applications for China's sustainable infrastructure. Relying on BASF's advantages in advanced materials and Harbin Institute of Technology 's strength in infrastructure construction, this win-win cooperation will make innovative contributions to China's sustainable development. In the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in production, teaching, research and application, and work together to create a new model of "University-Enterprise cooperation" and "Sino-German cooperation," said Dr. Lou Jianfeng.

Liu Hong welcomed the BASF Group who participated in the online signing ceremony and thanked BASF for its long-term support to our school. Liu Hong said that the COVID-19 now go global, and BASF took the initiative to accumulate strength, increase investment in basic research and development, and continuously enhance its core competitiveness. Harbin Institute of Technology will closely cooperate with BASF in personnel training, scientific application, brand building, achievement transformation and other aspects. Relying on the advantages of BASF's industrial development, HIT will give full play to our strong research foundation in energy power, equipment manufacturing, new materials, environmental protection, civil engineering and other fields, realize a win-win situation between HIT and BASF, and further accelerate the construction process of world-class universities.

Relevant responsible principals of BASF Group, HIT Office of Global Affairs and School of Transportation and Science and Engineering attended the signing ceremony.