President Zhou Yu's Visit to Cloud Conference Shown HIT’s Cultivation of Students' Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability


On May 26, academician Zhou Yu, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of Harbin Institute of Technology, visited the special live program of the two sessions of CCTV news "Cloud Conference" to talk about "how to cultivate students' scientific and technological innovation ability", and worked with academician Bao Weimin, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC)and director of the Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology corporation, to answer the hot space issues raised by the vast number of netizens, such as space dream and Mars exploration, and told the teenagers to set up their ambition, do great things, look up to the stars and pursue their dreams.

Zhou Yu said in an online interview that Harbin Institute of Technology was originally a school for training railway engineers in the history of one century, and later became a model university for learning advanced experience of foreign higher education in the early days of the founding of new China, and won the reputation of "cradle of red engineers". After that, based on aerospace and serving national defense, Harbin Institute of Technology has trained senior technical talents and mastered cutting-edge technology for aerospace field, becoming a famous university with the same development as China's aerospace industry. Harbin Institute of technology has stepped out of the road of "Chinese characteristics, world-class level, HIT specifications" and achieved a historic leap.Over the past century, Harbin University of Technology has adhered to the principle of developing and strengthening the university with its own characteristics. It has formed excellent school running traditions, distinct school characteristics and outstanding discipline advantages, especially aerospace national defense characteristics and outstanding engineering advantages, trained 300000 excellent students, and made outstanding contributions to China's industrialization, national defense modernization and science and technology development.

Zhou Yu stressed that in order to build an innovative country, the core element is to cultivate a number of innovative talents. In order to cultivate innovative talents, teachers should first have the spirit of innovation, and give full play to the power of example and demonstration effect, so as to lead students to become innovative talents. The university should create a relaxed environment and atmosphere for innovation, cultivate a culture of innovation, encourage students to be daring and creative, and strive to cultivate students' innovation spirit and practical ability.

Zhou Yu said that in terms of innovative personnel training, Harbin Institute of Technology has constantly improved the "learning by doing", "scientific research education" and "practical education" mechanisms, condensed the talent training characteristics of "thick foundation, strong practice, strict process, and seeking innovation", and formed a "four-year continuous line" practical education and teaching system. HIT encourages students to participate in scientific research activities as early as possible, to enter the laboratory as early as possible, to become the primary members of the research group, and to catch the fast train of scientific research; meanwhile, the school integrates high-level scientific research achievements into the teaching content in time, and opens the high-level experimental platform to students, which promotes the cultivation of students' innovation ability and spirit, and effectively improves the practical education ability and talent cultivation quality.

Zhou Yu, taking Lilac Nano-Satellite Teamwho won the 24th "China Youth May 4th Medal Collective" as an example, further explained the innovative personnel training experience of Harbin Institute of Technology. HIT has organized more than 100 students from nine different disciplines to formLilac Nano-Satellite Team, and has also built a special supporting innovation workshop, so that students can gain excellent skills in practice. In Harbin Institute of Technology, there are many excellent teams like Lilac Nano-Satellite Team.

Zhou Yu also talked with academician Bao Weimin online to answer the hot questions about the dream of the universe, Mars exploration, and the choice of aerospace majors that netizens care about, and encouraged students who are willing to devote themselves to the aerospace industry to choose to enter Harbin Institute of Technology. He also hoped that young people will set up their ambition and do great things, look up to the stars and be down-to-earth. He also hoped that young generation could "work in one profession, love one profession, specialize in one profession, and master one profession", combine their interests with their sense of career and responsibility, combine their development and destiny of the country and the nation, and pursue their dreams and realize their values step by step with a persistent spirit.