Xiong Sihao, Chairman of HIT Council, went to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the new generation manned spacecraft test ship


On the afternoon of May 29, the China Manned Space Engineering Office and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation 

held the opening ceremony of the new-generation manned spacecraft test ship capsule in Beijing. Together with the research and 

development organization and the carrier company, people will jointly witness the carrier items out of the capsule. The Chairman 

of HIT Council Xiong Sihao attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

In his speech, Xiong Sihao expressed warm congratulations on the successful flight test of the new generation of manned spacecraft 

test ship, and gave sincere respect to countless dedicated researchers who have worked hard for this, as well as sincere thanks to China 

Manned Space Engineering Office and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which give support the development and 

construction of Harbin University of technology.

Xiong Sihao said that, President Xi Jinping had gave guidance that "The space dream we relentlessly pursue is to explore the vast universe, 

vigorously develop the industry and nation in the aspects of aerospace." China's new generation of manned spacecraft test ship successfully 

landed in the return capsule, which once again marks a new chapter in China's 64 years of brilliant achievements in space industry. Looking

 back on history, Harbin Institute of Technology has always been in the same step and direction with the aerospace industry of our country. 

Harbin Institute of Technology established aerospace related majors in the 1950s. In 1987,it established the first School of Aerospace in China, 

creating the achievement s with 20 small satellites in space. It successfully launched the first small satellite led by universities and the first 

nano-satellite designed and developed by university students independently. The Longjiang-2 , which was launched successfully, became 

the first microsatellites that complete Earth-Moon transfer, near-moon braking and circumlunar flight. The space manipulator, which has 

achieved the first international scientific test of man-machine cooperative on-orbit maintenance on Tiangong-2. A number of achievements 

have helped "Long March 7" and "Long March 5", especially the first flight of "Long March 5-B" rocket. HIT had won "China Manned 

Spaceflight Engineering Collaboration Contribution Award" "China Manned Spaceflight Engineering Outstanding Contribution Award" 

"China Manned Spaceflight Engineering Outstanding Contributor Award" at the same time, and it is the only university that has won 

the three awards. All of these have helped form a pattern of "Great Space" with multi-disciplinary integration and common services 

for the aerospace industry, which has gradually developed and expanded in line with China's aerospace industry.

Xiong Sihao finally said that there are nine days before celebrating HIT 100th anniversary. The seal of Harbin Institute of Technology,

 the soil from three districts of HIT and a letter to the future, which carry a spaceship to travel in space and return smoothly, represents 

firm belief of HIT faculty to take root in space and dedicate for space, but also the best centenary gift HIT faculty received. It will surely 

inspire more young students of HIT to keep their original mind and mission in mind, forge ahead , overcome difficulties, follow the 

footprints of the older generation of astronauts, and draw a magnificent picture of the space power with youth and wisdom.

At the opening ceremony, Zhou Jianping, chief designer of manned space engineering, Yang Liwei, deputy chief designer, Hao Chun, 

director of China Manned Space Engineering Office, Yang Baohua, member of the Aerospace Science Corporation Party Group and 

deputy general manager etc. handed over the carried items to the representatives of the carrier. Zhou Jianping handed over centennial 

souvenir such as the soil of three districts of HIT, the seal sheet of the 100th anniversary of HIT, and a letter from the HIT students to the future ones.

China's aerospace industry has made great achievements again, which can't be separated from the hard work of scientists, Among these 

diligent aerospace workers, there are also a large number of HIT students. Over the years, our university has provided a large number of

 talents for the development of China's aerospace industry and solved a number of key technical problems.  The development and progress 

of the school has also been greatly supported by China aerospace, especially the relevant units of China's manned space flight. Recently, 

the office of China Manned Space Engineering sent a congratulatory letter to our university for its centennial construction. The letter 

mentioned that in the first flight mission of the Long March 5-B carrier rocket implemented in May this year, the centennial souvenirs 

such as the soil of the first school and HIT three districts were arranged to carry, which showed the close relationship between Harbin 

University of Technology and China's Manned Space.

It is reported that the centennial souvenir of HIT will be officially displayed or opened on June 7, 2020.


The staff opened the capsule on site and took out the carried items


Zhou Jianping, chief designer of manned space engineering, handed over the carrying items to Xiong Sihao, Chairperson of HIT Council.