"Welcome Home!" HIT Welcomes the First Batch of Students Back to Campus


HIT News(Shang Yankai/text  Xin ran, Li Jipeng/photo) Reunion is the best meeting. Eventually, students can return to HIT in this midsummer! The warm atmosphere of the centenary of HIT has not faded away, and the first batch of students anxious to go back to school were welcomed in the summer. "Welcome home!" On the afternoon of June 8,  staff members represented by Xiong Sihao, Chairman of the University Council, and Zhou Yu, President of HIT, welcomed the first batch of students who had passed the nucleic acid test back to their long-awaited students' apartments in front of apartment A17 in the Science Park.

Xiong Sihao and Zhou Yu and other staff members came to apartment A17 early,  inquiring and learning about preparations for students' returning to HIT in detail, and checked various procedures of returning to HIT on the spot. On the arrival of the bus laden with students into the Science Park, and the students got off with their luggage, Xiong Sihao and Zhou Yu and other staff members went forward with smile, kindly asked each student where they came from, by which transportation, belong to which school as well as suggested students start a new study and research life on the premise of safety protection.

Other leaders who welcomed students back to HIT including: An shi, Executive Vice Chairman of University Council, Xu Dianguo, Vice President of HIT, and Wu Songquan, Vice Chairman of University Council and Vice President of HIT.

HIT attaches great importance to the work of students' returning to the campus. Since HIT administrative office issued the " Notice of Students' Returning to HIT in the Spring Semester of 2020" on May 26, all schools and units have made preparations for students' returning to HIT according to the unified deployment of the university. On June 2, HIT held a coordination meeting on the work of students' returning to the campus and graduates' leaving the campus in the spring semester of 2020, which emphasized that under the premise of doing well in the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic situation, efforts should be made to care for returned students in an all-round way. Moreover, HIT should strengthen departmental linkage, promote information sharing and improve work efficiency to ensure the organic connection of all links and the whole process of students' returning to HIT.

According to the arrangement, students will return to HIT in batches. The first batch of returned students are mainly doctoral students who undertake major scientific research tasks, and the return time is from June 8 to 11. Students who received the "one-to-one" notice from the counselor should first apply returning to HIT through the "HIT Students and Staff" information platform, and only after the approval can they buy the tickets within the reservation period back to school. The day before returning to HIT, students can check their pick-up information in the system. There are free buses and special buses of HIT to pick up students at the airport and railway station, besides, check-in and isolation points are at Hua rong Hotel and Xi yuan Hotel respectively. After checking in at the hotel, students need to do the nucleic acid test. Only after passing the test can they enter the campus and return to their apartments.

The slogans and signs such as " HIT waiting for you to go home!" "Dear students, welcome home!" are particularly eye-catching at the reception of Xi yuan Hotel, making students feel the warmth of "going home".

At 9:15 a.m., Jin Haize, a 2017-class doctoral student whose hometown is Lanzhou, Gansu Province from the School of Materials, the first one to apply returning to HIT through the platform, arrived at the reception of Xi yuan Hotel. The school leaders and his tutor have been waiting at the reception and gave the prepared souvenirs of the centenary of HIT to him. After the steps of luggage disinfection, temperature measurement, code scanning for identity verification, nucleic acid detection and sampling, Jin Haize successfully checked into the designated room. The whole process was very smooth, taking less than five minutes. It is worth mentioning that Jin Haize also received the anti-epidemic-love-package prepared by the Research Department, which contains an epidemic prevention card, a warm reminder card, ten medical masks and a thermometer.

Jin Haize said that he was excited to watch the series of activities in commemoration of the centenary of HIT through cloud broadcast. Especially after learning the congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping, he was deeply encouraged and aware of his great responsibilities. In the future work of scientific research ,he will bear in mind the instructions of President Xi. By doing so, he will especially cherish the time in HIT and make contributions to accomplishing more major scientific research achievements through painstaking efforts and tackling key problems.

It is said that undergraduates and postgraduates of the class of 2020 would return to HIT from June 12 successively.


Xiong Sihao and Zhou Yu and other staff members learn about preparations for students' returning to HIT.



Xiong Sihao and Zhou Yu welcome students home







The reception of Xi yuan Hotel




The reception of Hua rong Hotel





The first batch of students who passed the nucleic acid test returned to their apartments.