Teachers in the Material Department Become the “Packing Army”: to pack love and care into packages and send them to their graduates


“Do you want to keep this dress?” “Is this notebook installed?” In the early morning of June 14, a novel “packing live”kicked off the curtain of packing luggage for graduates of the Material Department through the screen.

109 teachers, 280 graduates, 55 dormitories, 877 books borrowed from the library, 2428 pieces of luggage… Behind these figures, is the special memory given to students by the Party committee of the Material Department in this special graduation season.

On this day, 109 teachers, no matter the leaders, tutors, head or counselors of school, they all turned into “packing army”, 55 dormitories, packed 280 graduates’ luggage and checked them one by one. The teachers gave the last online ideological and political lesson to the students with love, and put the four-year teachers and students’sentiment into action and packed them in the students’ luggage.

On the morning of the 14th, teachers accompanied by the drizzle came to apartment A02 and apartment A15. Wearing protective clothing and disinfectants, they went to their respective “contracted” dormitories vigorously, opened the video, started the “packing live”, and had a unique “labor practice class” with the graduates.

While counting the belongings,some teachers, said, “it’s necessary to tie them tightly. Children’s luggage must not be opened on the way”; some teachers were afraid that the luggage tags pasted on the woven bags were not strong enough, so they also made their own labels and pasted them on the carrying hands of the woven bags; the teachers in the MaterialDepartment of specially wrote blessing letters for the students and put them in their luggage, so as to place a strong trust between teachers and students in the part of luggage.

Professor Wu Gaohui also actively participated in the “packing army”, and he said: “the teacher-student relationship is always the most precious friendship. In this special situation, we can see each other more often, give more advice, and help more. Practicing is better than just speaking.” The words of Sun Zhan, a young teacher, expressed the common voice of the teachers: “The students have heaps of notes, volumes of examination and research review questions, which are their four-year efforts and gains. What they send out is luggage, and what they receive is memories.”

In order to complete the packing work smoothly, the Material Department has made full preparation. The grade counselor led the volunteers to take short videos for each dormitory, collect the key of the dormitory in advance, make the baggage packing guide and the student baggage information sheet, and make a good preparation for the “packing army”; the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee trained the teachers and students volunteers who participate in the baggage packing, clarified the requirements for epidemic prevention, and determined the two teachers “contract” one dormitory principle: all “contract” teachers enter the dormitory Wechat group in advance to communicate and interact with the students, one-on-one to understand the graduate’s information and personalized needs.

“All the baggage in 4023 of apartment 2 has been received, and the number of checked baggage is correct!”

“All the 323 postal baggage of apartment 15 has been received, and the number of checked baggage is correct!”

“8 boxes of luggage have been received. Thanks to every teacher, I love HIT!”

In the past two days, graduates in Wechat group have fed back the information of their luggage and expressed their gratitude and blessing to their teachers and HIT.

During the live broadcast, parents of students witnessed the patience and love of teachers who never tire of serving students. One parent left a message in the group: “Today, two teachers of Material Department packed their children in person, and they meticulously communicate and confirm with us. I was deeply moved! How lucky it is to study in such a school! "

The recognition of students and parents comes from teachers’ unreserved help and love for students, as well as from the solid and meticulous work of the college during the epidemic prevention and control period.

According to the unified deployment of the Party committee of the University, the Party committee of Material Department adheres to the work requirements of “all around students and all for students”, earnestly implements the work requirements of “graduation smoothly and employment as soon as possible”, and early arranges, mobilizes widely and plans carefully. As early as the end of February, the school organized and established 28 special working groups for graduation of this subject, one person, one policy, point-to-point solution to students’ graduation and employment difficulties, and mailed their computer, train the software, guide the remote experiment… The graduation work should be done to the students’ heart with practical actions.

This time, the college’s Party committee mobilized 109 teachers to pack bags for the graduates who can not go back to school, which makes the graduates and their parents feel reassured and warm at the same time. This year’s graduation season will be the memory of teachers and students of the Material Department forever.

Students and parents praise teachers one by one.