Academician Ma Jun was Elected Associate Editor of the American Chemical Society's New Journal of ACS ES&T - Engineering


HIT News (Environment/Text) - Recently, Ma Jun, Professor of HIT’s School of Environment, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was selected as one of the first three associate editors of ACS ES&T - Engineering, a new journal in the environmental field launched by the American Chemical Society, of which one editor-in-chief and three associate editors were selected worldwide. The American Chemical Society is the most active and influential academic institution in the fields of chemistry, materials, energy, and environment, and its journal Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) is a recognized authority in the environmental field. ACS ES&T - Engineering, the new journal, is a sister journal of ES&T, which is dedicated to reporting engineering scientific research in the environmental field, involving the latest progress of engineering materials, technology, process, simulation and other research directions.

Academician Ma Jun is engaged in the research of water treatment theory and technology, and has made many achievements. He has created the theoretical system of pollution removal for ferromanganese oxidizers with different valence and developed the technologies of permanganate and ferrate pre-oxidation decontamination, high-efficiency inclined plate sedimentation of side swirling flow sludge discharge, micro-bubbles high load air flotation, advanced treatment by composite media biological filtration, advanced treatment by ozone catalytic oxidation, enhanced removal of heavy metals based on the characteristics of new ecological micro-interface, nano-composite membrane water treatment, anti-pollution catalytic ceramic membrane separation, advanced persulfate oxidation, Fenton-like advanced oxidation, and combined safety disinfection and by-product control, etc. These technologies have been applied to projects of drinking water treatment, the advanced treatment of polluted source water, and the advanced treatment and reuse of sewage.

He has been selected for many national talent programs, and has been awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, China Young Scientist Award, National Talent Program Achievement Award (Engineering Science Award), Sustainable Water Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Honor Award for Scientific Excellence by the American Chemical Society, Super Reviewer Award of ES&T Journal, etc. He has also won two second-class awards of National Technological Invention Award (both ranked first), one first-class award of Heilongjiang Natural Science Award and three first-class awards of Technology Invention Award (both ranked first). He has supervised more than one hundred graduate students and post-doctoral students, two of whom won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and two of whom won the Nomination Award. Among the graduates, five were selected for national talent programs, one received the ES&T Morgan Early Career Award, one received the EPA Early Career Award, and two received the best paper award in international journals or conferences. Professor Ma also serves as Vice-Chairman of the International Water Association Water Plant Design and Operations Management Committee. His main courses are water quality engineering, the theory and technology of advanced oxidation, and the theory and technology of physicochemical treatment of water quality. He holds more than 120 authorized invention patents and 6 US patents. He has published more than 300 SCI papers, 180 of which were published in journals above IF 6.0, and 108 of which in Nature Index, with the citation of 23,037 and H-factor 85.


Academician Ma Jun was elected Associate Editor of ACS ES&T.- Engineering, a new journal of the American Chemical Society