Professor Huang Zhiwei of HIT makes a splash with the 2020 XPLORER PRIZE


HIT News(HIT / text)On September 25, based on the Charter of The XPLORER PRIZE (2020 Edition) and with the principle of objectiveness and fairness, Review Committee of The XPLORER PRIZE conducted prescreening, preliminary reviews, reviews and final face-to-face presentations over past several months. In the end, 50 promising young scientists were selected in front of Supervisory Committee of The XPLORER PRIZE. Among them, Prof. Huang Zhiwei from the School of Life Science and Technologywas on the list.

The XPLORER PRIZE, which was launched by Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings Ltd and founder of the Tencent Foundation, and 14 scientists on the occasion of Tencent's 20th anniversary in 2018, is a pro bono awardgeared towards basic science and cutting-edge technology and supports youngscientific and technological workers aged 45 and belowwho work full-time in mainland China.