The Fourth Teaching Festival Launched Online


On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of Harbin Institute of Technology, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference and the spirit of the new era National Undergraduate Education Conference, in order to inherit and carry forward the tradition and characteristics of HIT Centennial Education and teaching, and create a strong atmosphere for respecting teachers and teaching, the fourth teaching Festival launching ceremony and online teaching work report The notice will be held online. Principal Zhou Yu spoke at the launching ceremony.

Zhou Yu pointed out that in the face of covid-19, the Party committee of the University, in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the party organizations at all levels on epidemic prevention and control, promptly studied, rapidly deployed and took active actions, opening an unprecedented and arduous online teaching work in the history of Harbin Institute of technology.On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, all colleges and departments are fully prepared for online teaching in terms of policies, conditions and guarantees. Teachers devote themselves to enrich the content of the course and improve the teaching methods, striving to make every class present brilliantly. The high attendance, high interaction frequency and high quality of students’ online learning make the learning process itself a specific action against the epidemic. The whole university is closely united. Teachers and students have strong feelings, mutual trust and mutual assistance, and jointly ensure the teaching effect during the epidemic.

Zhou Yu pointed out that the Harbin Institute of Technology adheres to strict criterions and solid Skills with practical actions, showing the responsibility and ability of Harbin Institute of Technology to turn crisis into opportunity and innovate and change in difficult and adversity. This teaching reform initiated by COVID-19 will certainly have an important impact on our future education and teaching mode reform, and will more effectively promote the process of education informatization. The people of Harbin Institute of technology need and will continue to demonstrate and practice the school motto.

Zhou Yu stressed that the world today is in a period of great change that has not been seen in a hundred years. China is increasingly approaching the center of the world stage. The country's development and construction have a stronger desire for outstanding talents than ever before. In the new century, we should actively respond to the call of the state, accurately understand the changes, make scientific changes and actively seek changes, pay close attention to the trend and challenges of the development of global higher education, adhere to the fundamental task of building people with morality, take root in China's land to build a world-class 100 year strong school, and leave a strong mark on the historical monument of national rejuvenation.

Shen Yi, assistant president and executive vice president of undergraduate college, made an online teaching report, introducing the overall operation of online teaching, graduates' academic progress, online teaching quality feedback and the next work arrangement.

With the theme of "New Era, New Opportunities, New Challenges and New Century" and focusing on "Cloud Top" activities, this teaching festival will carry out a series of activities such as "One Hundred Year Education" inheritance and innovation, "Cloud Top Combat COVID-19" challenge and development, "Respecting Study and Teachers", including more than 20 activities such as online teaching method competition for teachers, online teaching excellent course observation and learning, and open course observation of Ideological and political quality Move. Each college will also carry out relevant activities around the theme of the teaching Festival.